Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 47

7 Spray Nozzle THOROUGH CLEANING AROUND YOUR HOME! $ 69 99 ONLY Car Brush 10" Floor Brush Round Soft Brush Easy-to-handle washer extends 16 feet. Soap Dispenser Squeegee EXCLUSIVE! 16' Telescoping Washer Set. Just attach the adjustable aluminum pole to your garden hose, then choose the proper attachment for the job at hand. A soap dispenser has easy on/ off switch. Other attachments include 7-pattern spray nozzle, window squeegee, round soft brush, 10" floor brush, plus a brush for washing your car. Angled neck piece prevents water from splashing back onto the user. Durable plastic and polypropylene. 511437 - Washer Set $69.99 ($5) 411344 - Storage Bag $24.99 Super Blaster Attachment. Bends easily to tackle hard-to-reach cleaning jobs; adjustable nozzle; 5/8" fitting. 409746 - $14.99 WATCH IT! 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 47