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WHAT SETS OUR VINYL COVERS ABOVE THE REST? AS LOW AS! $ E 14 99 Soft fabric resists wrinkling Sturdy elastic for longer wear and better fit ◆ Oblong sizes have shaped corners for less bulkiness ◆ Thick flannel backing for more protection ◆ Largest selection of shapes and sizes ◆ ◆ EXCLUSIVE! E | Top-Quality Elasticized Vinyl Covers. Whether you want to protect a new table or give an old table a fresh new look, these fitted covers will do the job beautifully. The heavy-duty elastic edge holds tight for a smooth, neat appearance. Flannel backing helps guard against scratches, and the vinyl surface is moisture-proof. Tough enough for outdoor E clean easily. Imported. Specify color/ use, they wipe pattern as shown. Additional designs online. 436126 - Square (Fits 48"Sq.) $14.99 436134 - Small Round (Fits 36"-44"Dia.) $14.99 436142 - Medium Round (Fits 45"-54"Dia.) $17.99 436159 - Large Round (Fits 58"-66"Dia.) $19.99 436167 - Small Oval (Fits 38"x56" to 38"x64") $14.99 436175 - Medium Oval (Fits 36"x64" to 36"x72") $17.99 436184 - Small Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x54" to 42"x62") $14.99 436192 - Medium Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x62" to 42"x70") $17.99 436209 - Large Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x70" to 42"x78") $19.99 “Best tablecloth ever!” Blue Granite Square Green Marble Gingham in Red LARGEST SELECTION OF SHAPES AND SIZES Oval Oblong/ Rectangular Round Taupe F | Heavenly Microfiber Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats. It’s a little bit of heaven beneath your feet. These anti-fatigue mats provide cushioning support to help relieve foot, leg, and back discomfort. They’re perfect for the laundry room, kitchen, or anyplace you stand for long periods. No-curl edges help prevent tripping, and the non-slip backing holds it in place. Microfiber with leaf pattern. Specify colors as shown. 567257 - 22"W x 32"L $59.99 Made in the 567265 - 22"W x 50"L $99.99 567273 - 22"W x 60"L $119.99 H H H 567281 - 34"W x 47"L $149.99 Bahama Blue Granite Green Gingham in Sage Gingham in Wheat Gingham in Red Watercolor Beige Marble White Floral Burlwood Seaglass Woodgrain Blue F USA Blue Sage Taupe PAISLEY PATTERNS 469569 - 22"W x 32"L 469578 - 22"W x 50"L 469586 - 22"W x 60"L 469594 - 34"W x 47"L Beige Paisley $59.99 $99.99 $119.99 $149.99 Tuscan Paisley Ginger Blue Delphi Mahogany Stripe Russet 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 45