Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 30

SUNBRELLA. ® Patio Seat (Box) Lumbar Bench OUR BEST UNDER THE SUN! 22 patterns & 23 styles Throw Patio Seat (Knife Edge) Bolster Deep Seat Ottoman Made in the USA Deep Seat (Comfort) Deep Seat (Box) Tuscan High Back Hinged Seat Sun Lounger Aruba Chaise Adirondack Cushion Dolce Mango Stripe El Greco Greek Key Teal Deluxe Deep Seat (Box) Logo Red Vellum Pouf Ottomans* OUTDOOR CUSHIONS, PILLOWS, & OTTOMANS Durable, fade resistant, made to last Carousel Confetti Stripe Teal Styles & sizes to fit your outdoor furniture needs Give your outdoor furniture a fresh new look with these Sunbrella cushions. Resistant to chlorine, stains, mold, and mildew, they are made of fabric that’s woven from solution- dyed acrylic; colors are locked in to withstand years of exposure to sun and rain. To extend their life, we recommend storing your cushions when not in use. Ginkgo Item # Description Size Price 425709 Throw Pillow 17"Sq.x6" $29.99 425718 Throw Pillow 20"Sq.x6" $39.99 425726 Lumbar Pillow 13"x20"x6" $29.99 447935 Bolster Pillow 21"x7"Dia. $29.99 425734 Patio Seat Cushion (Knife Edge) 17"x18½"x3" $34.99 425742 Patio Seat Cushion (Knife Edge) 18"x19"x3" $34.99 425759 Patio Seat Cushion (Knife Edge) 20"x18½"x3" $39.99 425767 Patio Seat Cushion (Box) 17½"x17"x4" $44.99 425776 Patio Seat Cushion (Box) 19"x18"x4" $49.99 425784 Patio Seat Cushion (Box) 21"x19"x4" $59.99 425792 High-Back Seat Cushion (Box) 45"x21½"x4" $99.99 425800 Hinged Seat Cushion (Box) 40"x20"x4" $99.99 Insignia Paisley Cajun Pillows Astoria Lagoon Stripe Terra Cotta Teak Foster Metallic Stripe Wander Cross Star Indigo Seat Cushions Navy Bench Cushions Camel 447943 Adirondack Cushion 47"x22"x3" $89.99 425818 Bench Cushion (Box) 18"x48"x4" $99.99 425826 Bench Cushion (Box) 18"x54"x4" $99.99 425834 Chaise Cushion (Box Edge) 72"x21"x4" $179.99 425842 Sun Lounger Cushion (Box Edge) 76"x23½"x4" $179.99 507202 Deep Seat Ottoman Cushion 22"x28"x5" Deep Seat Cushion Set (Box Edge) 17"x24"x5½" back, 24"x24"x5½" seat $149.99 425869 Deep Seat Cushion Set (Comfort) 17"x24"x5½" back, 24"x24"x5½" seat $149.99 552126 Deluxe Deep Seat Cushion Set (Box Edge) 26"x19"x5½" back, 26"x26"x6" seat $199.99 448459 Round Pouf Ottoman 22"Dia. x17" $169.99 448467 Square Pouf Ottoman 22"Sq. x17" $169.99 Buttercup Yellow Lounge Cushions 425850 Milano Cobalt Stripe Icon Pop Stripe Pouf Ottomans Black Pacific Blue *Pouf Ottomans - Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. $99.99