Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 2

FLOAT THE DAY AWAY. C A D B A | Floating Pool Saddle. You’ll be sitting pretty (relaxed) whether you’re in the pool, at the beach, or while boating with this unique water float. Perfect for those who believe in living the leisurely life, this saddle- shaped float is constructed of colorful vinyl-coated, closed-cell foam that results in fantastic buoyancy. Your arms and legs have total freedom to hold your young child or even a refreshing beverage. One size fits all and holds up to 300 lbs. 15"W x 36"L and 1½"H. Specify color. 522592 - $49.99 Bahama Blue Kool Lime Orange Breeze Marina Blue NEW! B | Giant Seashell EXCLUSIVE! C | Freestanding Towel Bars. Pool Float. You’ll never feel more sun-worthy than when you’re lounging in our seashell pool float. Featuring a pearl and shell design, this float seats 1 to 3 people and includes dual drink cup holders. Made of 100% PVS. 82"W x 83½"D x 13½"H. 561627 - $49.99 419267 - Electric Inflator Air Pump $29.99 (See online.) Has 8 rungs to hold your towels, plus a handy basket on top. Steel base for stability. 25"Dia. x 56"H. 455208 - $99.99 EXCLUSIVE! D | Hamper/Trash Can. Has 4 casters to help it roll; 2 lock to keep it in place. It's great for holding your dirty towels, bathing suits, and more. It can also be used as a trash can to conveniently dispose of any paper and plastic plates, cups, serving containers, and more. 17"Sq. x 40"H. 505427 - $199.99 ($5) E