Improvements Summer Sale 2017 - Page 17

CHOOSE FROM 50 CUSHION SIZES: DEEP SEAT CUSHIONS SALE! GG 529237 Comfort Deep Seat Cushion Set Knife 17"x24"x4½" back 24"x24"x4½" seat $69.99 $54.95 HH 529245 Relaxed Deep Seat Cushion Set Knife 20½"x22½"x5" back 23"x22"x5" seat $69.99 $54.95 HHH 529262 Deep Seat Tufted Pillow/Cushion Set Knife 25"x25"x6" back 24½"x24"x4½" seat $69.99 $54.95 JJ 529212 Deep Seat Box Cushion Set Box / Welted 17"x24"x4½" back 24"x24"x4" seat $69.99 $54.95 JJJ 529229 Deluxe Deep Seat Box Cushion Set Box / Welted 19"x26"x6" back 26"x26"x5½” seat $119.99 $99.95 KK 529254 Deep Seat Ottoman Cushion Box / Welted 22"x28"x4½" $49.99 $37.95 DEEP SEAT CUSHIONS GG-Deep Seat Comfort Knife Edge HH-Deep Seat Relaxed Knife Edge HINGED CHAIR CUSHIONS BB 528986 Adirondack Chair Knife 46"x22"x2½" $49.99 $39.95 CC 528994 Adirondack Chair Knife 52"x20"x2½" $49.99 $39.95 DD 529028 Hinged Chair Knife 40"x20"x3" $49.99 $39.95 EE 529036 Hinged Chair Knife 44"x22"x3" $49.99 $39.95 FF 529053 High Back Chair Knife 45"x21½"x4" $59.99 $44.95 QQ 529044 Hinged Knife 38"x36"x2½" $49.99 $37.95 CHAISE/LOUNGER CUSHIONS JJ-Deep Seat Box Edge JJJ-Deluxe Deep Seat Box Edge KK-Deep Seat Ottoman Box Edge XX 529204 Sun Lounger Knife 76"x23½"x3" $89.99 $69.95 YY 529187 Chaise Knife 72"x21½"x2½" $79.99 $59.95 ZZ 529179 Chaise Box / Welted 72"x21"x3½" $89.99 $69.95 AAA 529196 Steamer Chair Box / Welted 72"x20"x3" $89.99 $69.95 HINGED CHAIR CUSHIONS HHH-Deep Seat Tufted Knife Edge CHAISE/LOUNGER CUSHIONS DD/EE/QQ- Hinged Seat Knife Edge FF-Hinged High Back Box Edge YY-Chaise Knife Edge ZZ-Chaise Box Edge BB/CC-Hinged Adirondack Knife Edge XX-Sun Lounger Knife Edge AAA-Steamer Box Edge OUR CONTRAST WELT CUSHIONS OFFER EVEN MORE STYLE In addition to our high-quality cushions, we offer a deep seat box-edge style now with crisp, contrasting white welting. This design is available in 4 boxed styles: Deep Seat Box Cushion Set (529212), Deluxe Deep Seat Box Cushion Set (529229), Box Chaise (529179), and Deep Seat Ottoman (529254). Specify Bahama blue, red brick, nautical blue, and cocoa truffle, all with white contrasting welting. Give your furniture the fresh look that comes with our deep seat cushions with white welting. 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 17