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B THOROUGH CLEANING AROUND YOUR HOME! SALE! 59 95 $ C Easy-to-handle washer extends 16 feet. B | Garage Door Threshold Seal. Floor-mounted, precision- engineered vinyl threshold seal provides a tight, long-lasting barrier between your garage door bottom and fl oor. The weight of the door presses down on it to keep out wind-driven rain, snow, leaves, rodents. Works from -40 ° to +140 ° F. Compatible with your door-mounted weather seal to provide the ultimate barrier. 1/2" thick at mid-point, 3"W. Installs easily (above 50 ° F); adhesive included. No air shipment. Specify grey or black. 354411 - 10' $49.99 354429 - 16' $69.99 Weight of door on threshold 354438 - 20' $89.99 helps seal your garage. C | Magnetic Garage Door Décor Accents. Transform your basic metal garage door into a carriage- house style door without pricey installation. These decorative magnetic accents are made with powerful magnets that give the sophisticated illusion of a carriage door. There’s no need for drills or tools. The durable, UV- and weather-resistant plastic set includes 2 handles and 4 hinges. Handles are 1¾"W x 1"D x 9½"H; Hinges are 15 1 ∕ 3 "W x 2 1 ∕ 3 "H. 524479 - $24.99 E WATCH IT! EXCLUSIVE! 16' Telescoping Washer Set. Just attach the adjustable aluminum pole to your garden hose, then choose the proper attachment for the job at hand. A soap dispenser has easy on/off switch. Other attachments include 7-pattern spray nozzle, window squeegee, round soft brush, 10" fl oor brush, plus a brush for washing your car. Angled neck piece prevents water from splashing back onto the user. Durable plastic and polypropylene. 511437 - Washer Set $69.99 $59.95 ($5) 411344 - Storage Bag $19.99 Super Blaster Attachment. Bends easily to tackle hard-to-reach cleaning jobs; adjustable nozzle; 5/8" fi tting. 409746 - $9.99 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 75