Improvements Late Spring 2018 - Page 7

C D Self-watering planter has box brackets that adjust to fi t all types of railings. C | Adjustable Railing Planter Boxes. Innovative fl ower boxes make it easy to add a beautiful fl oral display to balcony or deck railings as well as wood and chain link fences. Sturdy brackets adjust from 1" to 4¼" to hold tight. UV-resistant polypropylene, weather-resistant to -20°. Simple assembly required. 24"L x 8"D x 7½"H. Specify terra cotta or white. 447786 - 24" Set of 2 $59.99 573691 - 32" Set of 2 $89.99 E NEW! D | Self-Watering Hanging Basket, Set of 2. These stylish planters will keep your plants moist up to four weeks! The internal wick system absorbs water from the reservoir like a sponge, drawing water up to the plant roots. Plants only absorb the amount of water they need, so you don’t have to worry about over or under watering. Made of sturdy polypropylene. Overall: 12"Dia. x 6½"H; Interior: 11½"Dia. x 6½"H. Specify terra cotta, mocha, driftwood, or white (see online). Mocha Driftwood 573675 - Set of 2 $39.99 NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Stylized Garden Cranes. Recognized as symbols of good fortune and longevity in Japan. Pair is made of cast aluminum with a bronze tone and teal marbled fi nish. 7½ lbs. Larger crane: 8¾"L x 5¾"W x 42"H; companion crane: 11¼"L x 5¾"W x 33½"H 573099 - $189.99 PROVIDES A CONTINUOUS SOURCE OF WATER FOR THE BEST GROWING CONDITIONS E | Self-Watering Patio Planter with Trellis. Want to move your planter into the direct sun? No problem. This deck planter has 4 wheels (2 that lock), so you can easily move it from place to place or keep it stationary. Use it as a partition or small screen for your outdoor space or add in stant shade for people or pets. It features a built-in reservoir and a water-level indicator to help you maintain the proper soil moisture. Designed not to leak, this planter may also be used indoors in a sunroom. Polypropylene. The planter (with detachable 4½' trellis) is 31"W x 13½"D x 53"H. Planter inside dimensions are 31"W x 12"D x 13½"H. Simple assembly required. Specify white, green, or grey. 476269 - $149.99 Green Grey