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WHAT SETS OUR VINYL COVERS ABOVE THE REST? Soft fabric resists wrinkling Sturdy elastic for longer wear and better fi t ◆ Oblong sizes have shaped corners for less bulkiness ◆ Thick fl annel backing for more protection ◆ Largest selection of shapes and sizes ◆ C NEW! Navy Damask ◆ EXCLUSIVE! C | Top-Quality Elasticized Vinyl Covers. Whether you want to protect a new table or give an old table a fresh new look, these fi tted covers will do the job beautifully. The heavy-duty elastic edge holds tight for a smooth, neat appearance. Flannel backing helps guard against scratches, and the vinyl surface is moisture-proof. Tough enough for outdoor E use, they wipe clean easily. Imported. Specify color/ pattern as shown. Additional designs online. 436126 - Square (Fits 48"Sq.) $14.99 436134 - Small Round (Fits 36"-44"Dia.) $14.99 436142 - Medium Round (Fits 45"-54"Dia.) $17.99 436159 - Large Round (Fits 58"-66"Dia.) $19.99 436167 - Small Oval (Fits 38"x56" to 38"x64") $14.99 436175 - Medium Oval (Fits 36"x64" to 36"x72") $17.99 436184 - Small Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x54" to 42"x62") $14.99 436192 - Medium Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x62" to 42"x70") $17.99 436209 - Large Oblong/Rectangular (Fits 42"x70" to 42"x78") $19.99 Blue Granite Square Oblong/ Rectangular Green Marble Granite Beige Marble White Floral Seaglass Woodgrain Oval Round Taupe ZIP-ON PROTECTION FOR YOUR ROUND UMBRELLA TABLE Bahama Blue Burlwood NEW! Brush Strokes LARGEST SELECTION OF SHAPES AND SIZES D EXCLUSIVE! D | Zippered Vinyl Table Cover. Cheerful fi tted cover adds style and protection to your table, with fl annel backing and an elastic edge that holds tight in the breeze. Zipper allows easy fi tting around umbrella pole. Vinyl surface is moisture-proof and wipes clean easily. Imported. Specify style as shown. 457917 - Small Round (Fits 36"-44"Dia.) $17.99 457926 - Medium Round (Fits 45"-54"Dia.) $19.99 Granite Orange Bahama Blue Taupe Seaglass 800.642.2112 800.642.2112 IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM IMPROVEMENTSCATALOG.COM | 69 | 47