Improvements Late Spring 2018 - Page 13

CHOOSE FROM 40 CUSHION SIZES: DEEP SEAT CUSHIONS DEEP SEAT CUSHIONS BB 529237 Comfort Deep Seat Knife 17"x24"x4½" back $69.99 CC 529245 Cushion Set Relaxed Deep Seat Knife 24"x24"x4½" seat 20½"x22½"x5" back $69.99 529262 Cushion Set Deep Seat Tufted Knife 23"x22"x5" seat 25"x25"x6" back $89.99 529212 Pillow Cushion Set Deep Seat Box Box / Welted 24½"x24"x4½" seat 17"x24"x4½" back $79.99 DD EE Cu shion Set FF 529229 24"x24"x4" seat Deluxe Deep Seat Box Box / Welted Cushion Set GG 529254 BB-Deep Seat Comfort Knife Edge 19"x26"x6" back CC-Deep Seat Relaxed Knife Edge DD-Deep Seat Tufted Knife Edge $119.99 26"x26"x5½” seat Deep Seat Ottoman Cushion Box / Welted 22"x28"x4½" $49.99 HINGED CHAIR CUSHIONS HH 528986 Adirondack Chair Knife 46"x22"x2½" $49.99 JJ 528994 Adirondack Chair Knife 52"x20"x2½" $49.99 KK 529028 Hinged Chair Knife 40"x20"x3" $49.99 LL 529036 Hinged Chair Knife 44"x22"x3" $59.99 MM 529053 High Back Chair Knife 45"x21½"x4" $69.99 EE-Deep Seat Box Edge FF-Deluxe Deep Seat Box Edge GG-Deep Seat Ottoman Box Edge HINGED CHAIR CUSHIONS CHAISE/LOUNGER CUSHIONS NN 529204 Sun Lounger Knife 76"x23½"x3" $99.99 PP 529187 Chaise Knife 72"x21½"x2½" $79.99 QQ 529179 Chaise Box / Welted 72"x21"x3½" $89.99 RR 529196 Steamer Chair Box / Welted 72"x20"x3" $89.99 HH/JJ-Hinged Adirondack Knife Edge CHAISE/LOUNGER CUSHIONS NN-Sun Lounger Knife Edge PP-Chaise Knife Edge QQ-Chaise Box Edge CONTRAST WELT CUSHIONS GIVE YOUR FURNITURE THE FRESH LOOK THAT COMES WITH OUR DEEP SEAT CUSHIONS WITH WHITE WELTING. In addition to our high-quality cushions, we offer a new deep seat box-edge style now with crisp, contrasting white welting. Available in 3 boxed styles. Specify Bahama blue, nautical blue, and NEW! key lime, all with white contrasting welting. 529212 - Deep Seat Box Cushion Set $79.99 529229 - Deluxe Deep Seat Box Cushion Set $119.99 529179 - Box Chaise $89.99 Sizes listed above KK/LL- Hinged Seat Knife Edge RR-Steamer Box Edge MM-Hinged High Back Box Edge