Impressive Designs Glass and Wood Works feb 2014

Company: Impressive Designs Glass and Wood Works Contact: Edwin Pagan Address: Miami Florida Phone: 786-797-7214 Fax: Website: Email: Impressive Designs Glass and Wood Works to Offer High End Kitchen and Bathroom Designs Customized According to Clients’ Choice Impressive Designs Glass and Wood Works crafts high end kitchen and finished carpentry designs customized according to their clients’ choice. The company markets top of the line kitchens and bathrooms that are made completely out of star fire glass. When it comes to uniqueness, the company’s works reflect rich artistry as they are tailored to show individuality and uniqueness. The company only handles five projects a year ensuring that they can finish each project with top quality in mind. The company does luxury and bathroom interior made with either sand blasted glass, painted glass or clear glass. The units sell for about $330,000 each. Impressive Designs Glass and Woodworks’ founder has extensive years of experience when it comes to crafting kitchens and other house interiors. The company is founded and built with the owner’s passion in craftsmanship. Since the age of 15, he has been fascinated with how incredible it would be to look directly through kitchen cabinets. The level of decorative transparency design is not just limited to the glass door, but the design vision is to create the entire décor of the kitchen transparent. This is where he came up with the idea of rendering a service to clients who are looking for high end kitchen décor that is entirely transparent.