Impending Everyone Impending Everyone: Before You See The Show

ATYP LEARNING → IMPENDING EVERYONE → AUDIENCE ADVICE Impending Everyone contains: • Coarse language • Sexual references • References to pornography Visit everyone and check signs at the venue for updated advice. → SHOW CURRICULUM LINKS Suitability: Years 10, 11, 12 Subjects: Drama, English BEFORE YOU SEE THE SHOW → ACTIVITY #1: THE IDEAL IMAGE "Everyone will know tomorrow, by the end of lunch, who you really are..." This activity draws inspiration from a popular drama exercise to allow students to physically explore the differences between one’s ‘true’ self and the curated self often presented online. It’s a great way to experiment with layering body language onto a character and physically inhabiting characters who are exaggerated or extreme. Time: 30 Mins Year Level: 9+ You’ll Need: A clear space large enough for participants to move around. Curriculum Connections: D r a m a : R o l e a n d C h a r a c t e r, Movement, Symbol, Dramatic Meaning. Dramatic Techniques: Exploring extremes of characterisation, body language as symbol 1. Divide into two groups: performers and audience. Performers pair-up into Sculptors and Statues. Statues stand in a neutral position. 2. Sculptors mould their statues into poses as though they’re having their photo taken - or taking a photo of themselves - for social media. Sculptors may not speak but can shape their statues by gently moving them physically or demonstrating fine movements or fa c i a l ex p re s s i o n s. O n c e a l l sculptors have finished they step back and allow the audience to see their creations.