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In March, an assessment center for employees of the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) was opened. The center exists for anyone aspiring to move into a select set of job titles within the agency. Individuals are able to go through the center and are rated and assessed to determine if they have the qualifications and skillsets to be able to perform at that job level.

An assessment center is a location where an individual comes to participate in exercises that are used to identify individual strengths and weaknesses for a specific purpose. The process of individual assessment includes both standardized and objective forms of evaluation, which allows individuals to determine strengths and weaknesses as they go through various job functions.

Multiple assessment techniques are used in the assessment center. One of these techniques includes simulation exercises. These exercises are developed to tap a variety of predetermined behaviors and have been pre-tested prior to use to ensure that the techniques provide reliable, objective, and relevant behavioral information for the organization. The dimensions, attributes, characteristic, or qualities evaluated by the assessment center are determined by an analysis of relevant job behaviors.

For more information about the Assessment Center at GDC, contact the Human Resources division.

By Wendy Howell

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Field Training Officers Assist New Recruits


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Before becoming Correctional Officers, most candidates have never seen the inside of a prison. The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) uses field training officers to assist new Officers in the field.

“As a field training officer I train new cadets and teach them what you do when you’re out in the field and about how you’d respond to certain situation on a day-to-day basis,” said Rosalind Jenkins, a field training officer at Valdosta State Prison (SP). “

However, training new cadets is only part of Jenkins job as a field training officer. Additionally, she works with the human resources department at the facility to assist with hiring as well.

Many people who become correctional officers learn about GDC at hiring events.

“What’s unique about our hiring events is basically it’s a one stop shop,” said Kimberly Brooks, the personnel manager at Valdosta SP. “We do the [physical training] examination, the background check and are able to offer a position on the spot.”

After being hired, candidates must complete Basic Correctional Officer Training (BCOT). Jenkins, who works with candidates before and after BCOT said there is a clear difference in their demeanor once they graduate.

“When [cadets] first start they are kind of timid and shy,” she said. “After BCOT you can tell they have more confidence and you can tell they receive a lot of information and learn how to better handle themselves in the prison.”

Although it’s a lot of hard work, Jenkins said she tries to ensure new recruits stay motivated.

“I had a great field training officer,” she said. “She would really take the time to make sure I understood what was going on and that made me want to motivate someone else to come into the field and learn what the department is all about, keeping the community safe.”

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