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By Justin Clay |

Pulliam and Scott received the Beyond the Beyond the Call Award for March 2019 given by the Board of Corrections.

Commissioner Timothy C. Ward was also sworn-in by the Board as well.

Photo by Justin Clay


Countless hours, unwavering dedication and the utmost attention to detail were put forth by Facility Compliance Specialist Missy Pulliam of Baldwin State Prison (SP) and Business Support Analyst Anquanetta Scott of Johnson SP in securing American Correctional Association (ACA) Accreditation.

Due to their willingness to excel, each facility received outstanding performance reviews. Baldwin SP received 98.3 percent on all non-mandatory topics and 100 percent on all mandatory topics.

Johnson SP obtained an overall score of 98 percent and 100 percent respectively. This prestigious benchmark could not have been achieved without Pulliam and Scott’s involvement.

Each recipient of the “Beyond the Call” award for March assisted in ACA Accreditation in various ways. Both Pulliam and Scott worked tirelessly to ensure that all documentation was accurate and that all areas met strict deadlines.

Through their diligent efforts, the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) succeeded in garnering ACA Accreditation.

Pulliam has been with the Department for 28 years and Scott, five years. GDC extends a sincere thank you to both Pulliam and Scott for going beyond the call of duty with their assistance to obtain ACA Accreditation.