Impact Georgia Magazine April - Page 16


By Marcus Floyd |

Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI) is an integral part of the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) employing approximately 1,000 offenders. During their incarceration, offenders are provided opportunities within GCI that allows them to gain valuable skills that will assist them with obtaining employment upon release.

GCI plays a key role in this process by providing job opportunities within one of three divisions: Manufacturing, Food Service and Agribusiness.

At Autry State Prison (SP), offenders primarily focus on manufacturing operations.

There offenders are mentored and develop marketable job skills necessary to becoming a productive citizen by working in the Autry SP GCI Plant.

With 60 inmates assigned, offenders report to the plant daily to produce shoes, pillowcases, boots, laundry bags, belts and caps. All of which is used by the GDC offender population.

The plant produces approximately 240 pairs of boots, 144 pairs of canvas shoes, 23 cases of 24 count bed sheets, 5 cases of 144 count pillow cases, 10 cases of 36 count net laundry bags, 80 offender caps, 500 belts and 5000 wash clothes daily.

With more than 10,000 different products, GCI allows offenders an opportunity to obtain marketable job skills which will assist them in obtaining employment upon release.