Impact Georgia Impact Georgia Special Edition - Page 8

How does a through Body Scanner work?

If you have ever been to a large airport that has body scanners then you are already familiar with through body scanners. GDC has these scanners at some close security facilities to screen staff and visitors entering the prison.

The person stands on a platform that has handles on either side. The platform then moves through the scanner, and uses a low dose x-ray to detect hidden items either outside or inside a person's body. The scan only takes seven seconds and allows trained staff the ability to see a digital image on a screen as soon as the person passes through the scanner. The clarity of the x-rays makes items easy to spot.

The photo below is an actual photo from a body scanner, showing a cell phone concealed inside the body cavity of a person.

* Uses low dose x-rays

* Scan takes 7 seconds

* Strip searches can take up to 15 minutes so the scan saves time

* Detects weapons and drugs inside or outside the body