Immigration volume 1 - Page 20

Selection Interview

Once you have submitted your application and it meets the necessary criteria, you will recieve a call inviting you to attend a selection interview.

The following questions have been picked from real interviews with candidates. These can obviously change at anytime.

As an academy, we believe that although there is no guarentee that these questions will be used, there is still cause to practice.

In our experience, the outcome of your interview will depend on the type of interviewer that you are assigned to, the amount of preparation, how you convince the interviewer that you are in a financial position to support yourself and your family to name a few.

It goes without saying that interviewers may target questions that are specific to your immigration application.

The following questions have been catagorised into sections to help you to understand more about the requirements in this process.

If you have other questions that you would like to practice with your language instructor, simply email them to us and we will include them in our materials.