Immigration volume 1 - Page 11

interview Questions


1. Are you both working at the moment?

2. What do you both do for a living?

3. Can you tell me what type of contracts you both have. ( permanent or part time status)

4. What do your jobs involve?

5. How long have you both been employed in your current jobs?

6. What other types of jobs have you both had?

7. Could you tell me where you both finished your education?

8. What qualifications do you need to have to do your jobs?

9. What type of training did you and your partner receive to do your current jobs.

10. Who are you responsible for at work?

11. Who do you report to? Are you able to provide their contact details to us?

12. Why do you both want to terminate your contracts and travel to Manitoba based on an uncertain future?

Your Job

1. Do you believe that you and your partner will find suitable positions in Manitoba?

2. Do you believe that you have the necessary qualifications to find a job in Manitoba?

3. Have you or your partner applied for jobs within Canada?

4. Do you plan to further your education in Canada if your application is sucessful?