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THE “ NEW ” SHOWTIME Debuts May 1

This final printed edition of ShowTime comes with great excitement about the future . Technology has paved the way for a better , faster , more convenient service to our industry . Over the years we have mailed out to the nation ’ s exhibitors over ...
We and the studios have rewarded you with over $ 125,000 IN WINNINGS for your showmanship ! We and your regional NATO conventions awarded $ 37,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS to your theatre employees !
The IME newsletter ’ s Cash for Ideas program AWARDED OVER $ 130,000 to theatre managers for sharing marketing ideas ! Vendor support has allowed us to provide OVER $ 120,000 in ads and donations to charities !
And the studios have helped us introduce the product which determines our industry ’ s success in the marketplace . Now it ’ s time to take all this to a new and higher level !
The 30 million pages will be replaced by immediate on-demand information via computers , tablets and smart phones !
Project picture contests , scholarships , and support of industry charities will continue !
Film information will be updated weekly so that it will be more accurate and helpful to you !
Vendor advertising will be interactive and contain links to additional information !
Films will be in order of release date so you will always have full information on the movies you will be playing this week , next week , and well into the future !
All this is enabled by a simple task you can do TODAY ! Just go to to www . SilverScreenInsider . com and sign up as a “ fan .” It ’ s FREE !
Thanks to the studios , vendors , and fellow exhibitors for the past 27 years ! We hope you will be very pleased with the new
ShowTime !/ Dan Klusmann , Publisher
90 • ShowTime Preview Guide – Spring 2017