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Mid-Atlantic NATO “ Cinema Show & Tell ” 2017

Just under six weeks following CinemaCon , Mid-

Atlantic NATO ( National Association of Theatre
Owners ) in Maryland , Virginia and DC brings its mini-version to the suburbs of the nation ’ s capital . Scheduled on May 9 & 10 , 2017 , Mid-Atlantic NA- TO ’ s regional conference gives the perfect opportunity to those that opened discussions in Vegas , to close them in DC , while opening doors to many independent owners , regional leaders and local theatre managers that had not attended the big show in March .
Mid-Atlantic NATO ’ s “ Cinema Show & Tell ” has something for everyone in the industry . With an average attendance annually of over 400 , Vendor Reps can meet with many independent and non-profit theatre owners that simply can ’ t get to the national shows , while also visiting with regional and circuit theatre managers who influence the corporate buyers . For Theatre Owners , they can get to spend some one on one time with vendor and studio reps in a smaller venue while also bringing their theatre managers along to get excited before the summer blockbusters open . And certainly , it is great time for Theatre Managers to feel part of the big picture as they get exposed to new products , meet film studio reps , and learn from industry leaders about topics vital to theatre operations . to fight the infantile paralysis plague . Fortunately we have moved beyond the plague , but we ’ ll be sharing highlights of the very tough legislative session we faced this year .
Following the educational sessions , attendees will have lunch while attending a trade show featuring about 50 vendors . Mid-Atlantic NATO ’ s trade show will feature cleaning companies , concession distributors and food suppliers , projection and sound equipment dealers and service companies , marketing groups , credit card processors , software and hardware companies , seating manufacturers , sign installers , security advisors , lighting companies , and more !
Later that afternoon , one of our studio partners will treat us to a special advanced screening at a nearby theatre before we return that evening for a wonderful reception and spectacular Scholarship Awards Banquet . Always a conference highlight , Mid-Atlantic NATO along with its sponsors will award approxi-
This year ’ s two-day conference kicks off at 10:00 AM on Tuesday , May 9 at Waterford in Springfield , Virginia with Mid-Atlantic NATO ’ s legislative session , followed by NATO ’ s “ State of the Industry ” presentation . Crazy as it seems , Mid-Atlantic NATO and its predecessors have been working on legislative issues on behalf of its members for over 100 years ! Yes , the non-profit trade association now known as Mid- Atlantic NATO celebrated the corporations 100 year anniversary on March 8 , 2017 . A bit off topic , but a startling piece of trivia recalls a group of exhibitors in Baltimore , MD that formed The Exhibitors League of Maryland and incorporated on March 8 , 1917 when forced by Baltimore City ’ s Health Officer to prohibit children under 13 years of age from attending theatres
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