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• We often tie promo items in as prizes in coloring contests for kids like we did for Angry Birds and / or give-a-ways with a radio station . Mini 1-sheets make a great give-away . Sometimes when minis are not available from a studio we will download graphics from SilverScreenInsider . com and print our own . The cost can often be covered by tying in another sponsoring merchant .
• We feel good and sometimes get great press when we have our movie characters visit the local childrens ’ hospital . Studio promo items presented to these kids is a win-win !
• When receiving movie T-shirts we make sure they are worn in ways and at events where lots of people will see them .
• When Bad Moms opened last year , STX sent a wonderful prize pack . We decided to contact a local massage spa , nail salon and hotel to see if they would want to cross promote a contest with us . They all provided us with enough certificates for 4 women . The contest was by far our most effective . Over 6k likes and shares . Q While we tend to focus on individual films , manager promotions can also benefit broader challenges such as rewarding the public for seeing films in 3D , attending on slower weekday nights , or building an all new clientele group by starting an art film series , children ’ s matinee series or a late show series for teens and young adults . Share a promotion that has helped you build revenue and attendance .
• Our discounted “ Way Back Wednesday ” series during our slow business days have generated SOLD OUT crowds for older titles . We make the series an event , and not just a movie , pairing beer and food items to specific films like handing out Baby Ruths to everyone in the crowd for Goonies . We turn these showings into an entertainment stop rather than just a movie viewing which you can get at home ! We also pair older films to help promote their
Flemming Island 12 , Flemming Island
Flemming Island 12 , Flemming Island
Flemming Island 12 , Flemming Island FL
Pinnacle 12 , Bristol TN
82 • ShowTime Preview Guide – Spring 2017
sequels . Group ticket sales are a great way to develop relationships and generate additional attendance as are matinee series for children as they help develop a movie-going habit that carries forward into their teen and adult years . We have the privilege of hosting many of our area schools for early morning shows and involve them in coloring contests or art projects that they can do at school or in-theatre . Our theater is a Cinema , bar and eatery therefore we have the ability to have drink specials on our slower nights . Besides from that we have monthly trivia nights , 2 throwback movies a month and occasionally sporting events on our slower nights .
• Community involvement is a vital key to the ongoing success of a theatre . I like to be known as the center of the community – I want people to think of us as a resource for their ideas . We have had so many mini movie promotions around ideas that the community has brought to us . I believe that we have stimulated revenue and attendance by being an integral part of the community .