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to the number of people that see film trailers . Provide an example of how you promoted a film through encouraging on-line viewing of its trailer .
• Run campaigns with trivia questions and surveys where the public must watch the trailer on-line to answer . This can be very effective for less known titles so guests have the opportunity to get familiar and interested in the film .
• While theatre Websites and Facebook pages are the most logical places to host and promote on-line viewing of trailers , our radio station also features them on their site .
• For Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol , we attached a series of Mission Impossible themed trivia to the new trailer and posted it on our Facebook . Hundreds of people responded , answering the trivia questions for their chance to win a Tom Cruise prize pack . Q Photo ops are a fun way to add to the movie-going experience of the public . The advent of digital phone cameras means that just about everyone has a camera with them when attending your theatre . Share tips and an example of how you have used photo ops to promote your films both in and out of the theatre .
• For Batman V Superman we were lucky enough to partner with a local lock & key business which happened to have the original Tim Burton Batmobile as well as a Wayne Enterprise car from the Burt Ward / Adam West Batman TV show . They brought both vehicles plus a life size statue of the caped crusader and the man of steel to our location on opening weekend . Guests were able to see these awesome automobiles up close and personal in front of our main lobby and take pictures with them as the owner showed off all the gadgets incorporated in them like the rear flame thrower and raised machine guns from the hood . Next guests were able to come inside the lobby to take pictures with the heroes themselves . Needless to say once the pictures spread online and word got out about all the amazing photo ops , we had guests sharing how they came to our location just for the chance to take a picture with the statues and vehicles . It was awesome to see the excitement . # BESTDAYEVER
• While many standees make for good photo ops , staff dressed as movie characters or studio promo items such as the Kung Fu Panda sun glasses make for fun photos that customers appreciate .
• Kids are ideal candidates for everything from face painting to movie masks or photos with film characters . When you come up with a great photo op , consider taking it out of the theatre and
Hollywood Blvd . Woodbridge IL
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into a mall or other area where you can reach more kids !
• The Secret Life of Pets provided multiple opportunities for intheatre photo ops . We built New York City apartments complete with clotheslines in between , made many of the character standups from the movie , and had a taxi for kids to ride along with Snowball . ALL Employees wore a sign around their neck of a character from the movie , appropriate headband ears and a collar . With the Angry Birds Movie promotion , we built a large nest for kids , ( and some adults , too ) to get into for photos , along with an ‘ early bird ’ hut where kids who arrived early for the movie could come on opening night to get a worm ( gummy , of course ). Our own Angry Bird costumed character was on hand for photos . Customers posted many photos on social media pages .
• We like to provide a hashtag so that guests can post and see each other ’ s pictures . We made a spy-themed photo booth for Mission Impossible and one for The Peanuts Movie featuring the classic “ PSYCHATRIC HELP 5 ¢”.
• For our Ben Hur promotion we displayed the large standee in the middle of the lobby accompanied by two reps from a gym we partnered with who were dressed like Roman guards . Guests could step into our chariot and take fun photos with the guards by their side . The standee became a focal point in our lobby where a line of guests awaited their turn to immerse themselves into the Ben Hur movie they were about to watch . A simple idea that turned into one of the most talked about and shared experiences on our social media page . Q While studio promotional items are not always available , they can be a useful tool in promotions . Share a creative or effective way you have used these studio supplied promotional items .
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