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attracting attention to our films as we help deserving causes .
• We believe that we owe it to our communities to reach out and support the many organizations that make our area a better place . Through these relationships we not only present our theatre in a positive light , but we also build strong ties that have the potential to further help our future promotions . We have donated our project picture cash prizes to the organizations that help us many times as our promotions simply could not be successful without them .
• Involvement in a charity is just wonderful all around and benefits every party . The obvious motivation being to help a cause but it also helps the theatre . Charities help bring exposure to the theater allowing us to meet members of the community that may not always be visiting us as it showcases our availability to host private events and much more . I would encourage every theatre to find at least one wonderful charity you and your staff can get behind to team up with and help .
• In Beckley WV we have long established partnership with local charitable organizations . The Women ’ s Resource Center has held Special Movie Events that act as a fundraiser . One was centered around the Cinderella movie . Cup Cake Wars was another fundraiser for The Women ’ s Resource Center that received local newspaper , television and radio coverage . In Bristol TN we are starting to develop relationships that I ’ m sure will be strong as the ones in Beckley WV . We gave away our ‘ winnings ’ to local charities several times in Beckley WV and now once in Bristol TN . It garnered us publicity which promotes our theatre , but most importantly is the right thing to do with all the support we are given in these movie promotions . Q Staff involvement in promotions is a win-win . More ideas , more help , and use of multiple talents results in better promotions . Also , the fun and creativity of participating sparks the inner showman in some of our staff , and customers appreciate the contagious enthusiasm exhibited . Share an example of involving your staff in a film promotion and the benefits you and they enjoyed .
• Whether decorating the theatre or working on outside promotions , input and involvement from staff members contributes to success . Photos of the staff working on promotions , pizza parties for the workers , and encouraging their input all results in more creativity , quality , and bonding of our team . This close knit family feel that we have established here at our theatre is also sensed and appreciated by guests attending the theatre .
• Our staff is always excited to participate in promotions as it gives them a break from their usual work day . By utilizing each
staff member ’ s talents during regular scheduled hours we were able to accomplish a great deal while keeping costs low . While working on our Croods promotion a majority of our staff helped transform our hall entryways into a jungle and cave ; while two young ladies volunteered to crochet Croods characters . These crochet characters were given away as prizes which added interest in our event and lead to the staff members starting their own crochet group . Q The use of social media as an inexpensive and effective marketing tool is playing an increasingly important role in film promotions . Share tips , observations or experiences that illustrate its importance and use .
• Involving a specialty hashtag or check-in for a photo op is one way we utilize social media to track who is coming to specific events , effectively spread awareness for both our promotion and the film , as well as giving the guests an opportunity to share their fun experiences at our location . Cross promotions utilize wider platforms and help get the word out from all businesses and organizations involved in the promotion . Our Moana promo had the school dancers using social media to invite friends and family to their theatre performances .
• The number of social media followers can be built over time but always strive to cross promote with movie exposure on the social media pages of other businesses . They will find that movie info on their sites adds to the enjoyment of their customers .
• The studios are making major investments in social media so it pays to become aware of what they are doing and tie into it on a local basis .
• Providing deals , promotions and give-a-ways helps encourage customers to follow us . During snowy weather we might post that we are open and our auditoriums are nice and warm and playing your favorite movie ! Posting movie trailers is a great way to market our films .
• While the debut of a trailer for a new big film will attract attention and generate views , be sure and also post trailers of lesser known films coming to the theatre . When other posts of trailers are available , curiosity will lead to views .
• It is always beneficial to follow studios and big movies on social media . We try to share all movie related news , new trailers as well as our in-house events . Posting events make it easy for followers to share . We do this with all throwback movies , events and charity screenings . Q On-line trailer viewing enables us to significantly add
Galleria 14 , Beckley WV
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