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es have approached us about teaming up , as well as attracted large amounts of media . Another outreach we participate in is quarterly blood drives , housing a church every Sunday before we open , as well as continuous donations to schools .
• To Promote the Movie Finding Dory we got the local Gulf Coast Marine Center and Holiday Inn to tie in with our event . Together we promoted the movie successfully for free on radio , TV , and on the Holiday Inn Website . Gulf Coast Marine center invited invited our Dory to be right up front and center for their daily shows . Through bake sales , donation collections in the theatre and several other events in house and at the partners businesses we were able to present Gulf Coast Marine Center with a nice BIG check to help feed the animals at the end of our venture . Our theatre lobby display proved to be a popular photo op with patrons . WOW what a week of free radio , free TV , and great word of mouth . The feeling of helping out a charity is priceless bonus . Win-win promotions like this mean that our marketing partners will be anxious to tie in with us again on future promotions . Finally , all the added excitement elevates the movie-going experience of our guests .
• The Beckley WV Newspaper ( Register-Herald ) is a partnership that has paid dividends in valuable local coverage and ‘ good press ’. As with many theatres , nationwide , we have not advertised movie times in the newspaper for some time . But we have continually used our facility and volume of patrons to partner with the newspaper on many events . An annual Flea Market and Auction is held in the parking lot with proceeds going towards Newspaper ’ s in Education and The Women ’ s Resource Center . There is no charge for the newspaper to use the lot . It results in positive local
exposure . The newspaper also gets involved directly in our movie promotions , notably our Croods Promotion . They ran ( no charge ) large ads promoting the movie . We acted as a collection point for books in their Annual Book Sale benefiting Newspapers in Education . They were also instrumental in helping to organize a costume contest with local ‘ celebrity ’ judges . Numerous other tie in over the years prove
the relationship to be
Northgate 14 , Hixson TN a mutually beneficial
partnership .
Q A key element of great promotions is including elements that add to the movie-going experience for our customers . When they are given a value-added premium or provided additional entertainment during their visit , you exceed their expectations , add to their enjoyment , and benefit from positive word-ofmouth . Share a description of a promotion that has enhanced your customers ’ movie going experience .
• For Moana we reached out to a school that has a Polynesian dance club . Dances in the parking lot and lobby added showmanship and a unique experience for guests . The lobby was transformed to an island paradise with decorations provided by the Girl Scouts ’ flowers arts and crafts projects . As a final touch our staff served movie-goers in their luau shirts completing the islander theme . An enjoyable experience for all guests that went far beyond just attending a movie .
• A magician performing tricks in our lobby added to the experience for theatregoers attending Fantastic Beasts .
• Premiere parties , especially on the opening weekend of family films , allows us to
Galaxy Mission Grove Riverside CA tranform the lobby with balloons and movie decorations . We set up booths throughout the lobby featuring
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