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Film and Theatre Marketing & Showmanship

This article honors the top theatres in the country in regards to showmanship based on their entries to our Project Picture and Showman of the Year contests over the past year . We asked the managers of each of these theatres to respond to some or all of the following ten questions . What follows are some of their responses and photos they provided . Q While displays and in-theatre promotion are important , many theatre managers fail to recognize the importance of out-of-the-theatre promotions aimed at either the general public or specific targeted groups . Briefly provide an example of a successful out-of-theatre promotion you have run .
• A sniped 1-sheet in another high traffic business creates more attention and generates more theatre traffic than one placed in our lobby . ( But why not do both ?)
• Office Christmas Party , because of its hard “ R ” content , was a challenging promotion . Our theatre was able to tie in our mall association , a restaurant , Santa Claus , theatre gift cards , and the Marine ’ s Toys for Tots charity . Lots of positive outside exposure for our theatre and Office Christmas Party made for a successful promotion .
• Our theatre is a regular participant in multiple area parades each year . They provide an excellent platform to promote our current events and general business , all the while further strengthening our relationship within our community . We hand out flyers for current promotions and upcoming events , in addition to posters , shirts and various swag for upcoming movies plus we give away a lot of popcorn !
• We ’ ve been able to use a local tailgate event attended by thousands held annually in our city to promote many up and coming films . We decorate our booth with the film we are promoting and have our employees dress up for the film as well . We pass out boxes of our famous movie theater popcorn and mini one sheets . This has always been a very positive experience for us in our community and a lot of fun for our employees to get out of their everyday routine . Q Establishing community relationships is an investment that pays dividends . Cite an example of a relationship you have developed that resulted in media , a business , or an organization who is happy to work with you on theatre promotions .
• We pride ourselves on keeping close relationships with specific businesses in our community . For example we have a close relationship with Chimera ’ s Comics . Therefore whenever a comic related movie opens we are able to team up , cross promote at each others venue and have a wonderful event to celebrate .
Nicholas Showplace Summersville WV
• For Secret Life of Pets we partnered with the
Hollywood Blvd . Woodbridge IL
police and sheriff ’ s K-9 units to raise funds to help put puppies through training . In addition to establishing the relationship and getting positive press , our staff and patrons got a first hand look at how the dogs help in emergency situations . Law enforcement became more familiar with our theatre and management and they look forward to working with us again .
• A long term great relationship with the area ’ s # 1 radio station provides great exposure we can count on . Over time they have come to realize how live remotes from our theatre are appreciated and enjoyed by their listeners .
• An area pet store is always anxious to tie-in with us because exposure of their pets helps them ! The great thing about developing these relationships is that future promotions are easier to set up when we have partners WANTING to work with us .
• For our summer children ’ s matinee series we tied in with a play place that features trampolines . The bounce-backs provided kids at both businesses with fun and extra value .
• Our local KitKat Rescue loves to show off their rescued cats that are available for adoption so they are a willing partner on family and animal shows . Our local comic book store is happy to trade exposure for comic books to give away on superhero films and our radio station is a willing promotional partner on a variety of films . Through their connections they are also able to tie in other merchants .
• Over the years we have developed close relationships with Variety Children ’ s Charity of Illinois . Every year we host their annual Oscar benefit and have recently begun monthly trivia nights benefiting them as well . Through our partnership many business
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