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Staci Tursi

Senior VP of Affiliate Partnerships
In the Beginning
I ’ m proud to say that I ’ ve been in cinema advertising for longer than even National CineMedia ( NCM ) has been around ! In 1999 , I became the VP Sales – East for National Cinema Network , Inc ., which was a division of AMC . It was then acquired by Regal CineMedia in 2005 and the combined entity became National CineMedia , and I have been here ever since ! I ’ ve seen a lot of changes in the business , and I have never been more engaged and excited about our future .
I grew up in Bucks County , PA with three brothers , and we are now scattered between Colorado ( me ), South Carolina , North Carolina , and Russia . Twice a year we round up all of the nieces and nephews ( there are now 12 ) and we get together in Florida for family time . Otherwise , I am happily single !
I began my sales and sales management career at an early age , and was very fortunate to hone my skills at Procter & Gamble and
Canon – both great places to work ! I ’ ve benefitted from many opportunities to build business acumen and develop new skills along the way , and the honor to now lead NCM ’ s new Affiliate Partnerships team is the culmination of everything I ’ ve learned so far . My drive and my passion has always been directed toward working with , and for , others .
Giving Back
In my spare time , I work closely with The Human Rights Council , Autism Speaks , and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society .
Favorite Movies
The Princess Bride , Baby Boom , It ’ s a Wonderful Life , Annie Hall , Zootopia … it ’ s a long list !
Traveling , Cooking , Reading , Hiking ... it ’ s also a long list .
Fondest Convention Memories
At last year ’ s CinemaCon , one of the most fun parts of the studio presentations was seeing Vanilla Ice and Chris Aronson of 20th Century Fox perform a well-choreographed Ice Age Baby songand-dance number to promote Ice Age : Collision Course … so imagine my surprise when I ended up sitting next to Vanilla Ice on my flight back home to Atlanta ! I told him I enjoyed his performance and we started a nice conversation that included him showing me his recent vacation pictures ( he went motorcycling with his mates in the Dominican Republic ). He said it was his first vacation in 15 years , so of course I cheerfully scolded him for not carving out more time for himself . He was a good sport and a really nice guy .
Best Advice Received
The best advice I ever received was from my mother :
The mouth should have three gatekeepers :
Is it true ? Is it kind ? Is it necessary ?
It is so simple in theory , but much harder to practice . It serves as a guide for me both professionally and personally . I CONSTANTLY recite and rehearse it . I even have it saved on my phone as a reminder .
Best Advice for Others I would offer the same advice !
The mouth should have three gatekeepers :
Is it true ? Is it kind ? Is it necessary ?
Biggest Concern About our Industry
I think there is a tremendous opportunity for us to better interpret all of the new sources of digital and audience data from things like loyalty programs , ticketing apps , beaconing and more and use that information wisely to create both a better movie-going experience and a better cinema advertising experience for today ’ s modern theater patrons and advertisers . The more we understand what this next generation of moviegoers want , the better service we can provide to help keep them coming to theaters for years to come .
Biggest Reason to be Optimistic
Millennials may differ from past generations in a lot of ways , but the great news is that the one thing they do have in common with us is that they love going to the movies . In fact , Millennials are 50 % more likely than the general population to say that movies are a passion of theirs according to our research , which is great news for the industry overall . It ’ s the age of the customer , and we at NCM want to be a strategic partner with theater owners to help connect with your customers and grow your business .
What I learned from the movies / cinema
“ Help me help you !” I mean , who doesn ’ t love Jerry Maguire , but honestly , it is a great mantra for this business . I love sitting down and talking with people because I truly want to learn what exhibitors want most so I can help them get what they really need out of a cinema advertising partnership . If my customers are happy , then I ’ m happy , and this is the movies , so I think every story should have a happy ending !
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