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Gregg Dunn President / COO – Regal Entertainment Group

In the Beginning
Born in Hannibal , Missouri and spent my early youth in Missouri . My father worked for AMC theatres and , unlike my siblings , I always wanted to be at the drive-in or indoor theatre with him . My mother was always supportive and loved movies . I started earning a paycheck at 14 directing traffic at a National Amusements Theatre in Cincinnati , Ohio .
Family Married to Jennifer Dunn . Our family consists of Will ( 6 ), who is in kindergarten , Kelsie ( 16 ), who is a high school sophomore , Alena ( 20 ), who is a sophomore at UC San Diego , and Zach ( 35 ), who is the Vice President of Launch for SpaceX . We also have two beautiful grandchildren , Theo and Zohra . time , became involved in many different facets of the company , resulting in where I am today .
Hobbies Besides movies , the Kansas City Royals , 60 ’ s and 70 ’ s muscle cars , tennis , boating , jet skis , and hanging out with the family .
Career Moves After working at the theatre in
Best Advice I Ever Got various capacities , I became a Learn as much as possible about relief manager and eventually every facet of our business . a manager of a drive-in at age 17 in Dayton , Kentucky . This
Best Advice Given was followed by a management stint in the indoor the-
If you have to work , there ’ s nothing better than show business . Throw
atres in Cincinnati for National yourself into it and you will be rewarded .
Amusements . I transferred to East Hartford , Connecticut to work as a manager before returning to Cincinnati to reopen
People Who Influenced Me From a career standpoint , my father , Chuck Dunn , had the great- the Movies Repertory Cinema . After being introduced to film
est influence . A lifelong veteran of buying , I took a job with Phil the industry now retired , he taught
Borack ’ s Tri-State Theatre me the love of the business . He
Service booking independent provided me with the foundation theatre owners ’ locations . During the late 1980 ’ s , I moved and early direction needed when it came to working with individuals to Grand Rapids , Michigan to and coworkers . It was invaluable . work in Goodrich Theatres ’ Secondly , Phil Borack taught me corporate office . At that time the film business and the tenacity
I was involved in Operations , needed in dealing with studios and
Marketing and Concessions . how to really work through tough negotiations . I always marveled at
An opportunity presented itself what Phil accomplished in the time in the early 1990 ’ s with Regal I spent with him . Cinemas , which at that time had roughly 85 screens in a Favorite Movies handful of states . I came in as I have a list that ’ s a mile long of favorites , but there are a couple that
Director of Marketing and Concessions , and , over a period of I can watch over and over again .
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The first being Scorcese ’ s mob classic , Goodfellas , which I consider to be brilliantly layered and riveting . My all-time guilty pleasure is The Big Lebowski . I can watch the Dude all day long and never stop laughing . Throw in John Goodman and Steve Buscemi and it ’ s over the top .
Giving Back I ’ m currently a board member of Variety of Eastern Tennessee , the Regal Foundation , the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneer Foundation , National Association of Theatre Owners , University of Tennessee Athletic Development Council , Women ’ s Basketball Hall of Fame , and Knoxville Youth Sports .
Fondest Convention Memory Being taken behind the scenes of ShoWest in the early 90 ’ s by Tim Warner . Just watching all that was going into producing the event was truly fascinating .
Biggest Concern About the Industry As an industry , it ’ s critical that we be willing to reinvest in our assets . By doing so , we will continually give the movie going public a reason to come to our theatres . Sight , sound , food offerings , seating , cleanliness , customer service and content offerings will promote the movie going experience . More studio strategic thinking involving release dates as well as cautious and deliberate thought to windows is paramount .
Biggest Reason to Remain Optimistic Exhibition has always been able to adapt and rise with the change in trends and habits . There is not a better way to enjoy film than being in a theatre auditorium . Our industry will continue to evolve and adapt , it always has , and we will all be at that forefront , insuring our customers are having that great experience that only we can provide .