IME/ShowTime Buyer's Guide

1 STARRING AN ARTS ALLIANCE MEDIA PRODUCTION 1 Bringing super powers to your screen The critics agree – Thunderstorm is the app store for cinemas that is transforming the industry. It makes it easy to find and use the software you need to attract new customers, increase revenues and boost cinema visits. Visit to register for free today. “A game changer in the provision of cinema software” “Bringing innovation directly to exhibitors” “Aims to revolutionise how exhibitors engage and interact with customers” IHS Technology Digital Cinema Report Cinema Technology CADDY PRODUCTS®, INC. THE NEW CADDY LUXURY RECLINER TABLES III & IV THE “AFFORDABLE” & “PORTABLE” CONCESSION TABLE You asked…..we delivered! ▪ EFFECTIVE SWIVEL TABLE SOLUTION FOR LUXURY RECLINER SEATING ▪ CANDY & CELL PHONE HOLDERS BUILT-IN ▪ ▪ DEEP SIDE WALLS TO SECURE FOOD CONCESSIONS & CONTAINERS ▪ ▪ AVAILABLE IN FIVE RISER HEIGHTS (2.25”, 3.25”, 4.25”, 5.25” & 6.25”) ▪ AVAILABLE IN ANY COLOR▪ ▪ AVAILABLE WITH CUSTOM INSERTS TO SECURELY FIT VARIOUS RECLINER CUP HOLDERS ▪ Table IV 19” x 11” Table III 21” x 14” For decades audio technology has been at a stand still: until now. Christie® Vive Audio™ is the revolutionary audio solution that matches the awe-inspiring visuals Christie is known for. With rich, U.S. UTL. PAT. 6,109,580 dynamic sound, our planar ribbon driver technology brings the For more information and samples contact: Caddy Products®, Inc. (800) 845-0591 U.S. DES. PAT. D592,418S U.S. UTL. PAT. 7,198,327B2 cinema experience to life | CDN. PAT. 2,536,723 ADDITIONAL PATENTS PENDING © 2016 Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. All rights reserved. CHRI4311_ShowTime_Buyers_Guide_Print_Ad_Jun-16_Final.indd 1 2016-06-24 9:56 AM How’s That Ladder Working Out For You? The Light Bulb Scaffold System features: The Safest Solution • Access any light, speaker, or filter in any auditorium, even over stadium seating, in 30 minutes! • Costs half of an electric lift, and goes everywhere electric lifts can’t go. • No part weighs more than 35 pounds - any of your workers can set it up - yet has an 800 lb. capacity! • Stores easily in 28 sq. feet. Rolling parts racks incl. • Safe! Meets all OSHA and ANSI standards. • The only system specifically for churches, theaters, electricians, A/V installers, and many more... • Comes with wheels to roll the tower along rows. Roll the components right to the work. Each rack fits through a 3-foot doorway. Transports in a box truck or 5x8 utility trailer. In use in some of the finest facilities in North America: • The World Trade Center • Madison Square Garden • NBC Studios - NYC • Toronto Int’l Film Festival • Fox Theaters US Patent 8,640,827 • Megaplex Theaters • Paramount Studios • Alamo Draft House Cinemas ...and many more on four continents! “We used to wait for three dark days, and spend thousands on outside scaffold contractors, every time we changed out one LED sign panel over our stadium seating. Now our own people do the job in a couple of hours. This system pays for itself every time we use it! - Madison Square Garden YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT TO RECOGNIZE A GREAT PERFORMANCE. USHIO lamps offer great performance with an extremely long lifetime. The superior quality in brightness, contrast, color and sharpness on your cinema screen will constantly impress your audience. Our consistent performance and reliability are unmatched. That’s why huge majority of movie theaters around the globe already trust the USHIO products. Additionally: Only USHIO lamps are tested, approved and certified by all projector manufacturers including Barco, NEC and Sony. USHIO is an Exclusive Distributor of Washer & Dryer System for 3-D Glasses. Ushio America, Inc. +1.800.838.7446 | Light fixture maintenance above a church balcony. 1-800-845-0845