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the Messenger of Allah…” as in al’Qur-an 48:28-29. Contrary, the Polytheist Muslim (Enemy of Allah [swt]) will not put a period, for he will put a name with Allah (swt), such as the name “Muhammad” without a period (. / O), or a polytheist will put a comma (,) or no pause grammar mark at all to seek to cause disunion in Allah (swt) Religion Islam. Polytheism is a Violation of Allah Tawhid that initiate the Holy-War-Struggle between the Mujahidun (AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam [Righteous]) and the Polytheist Muslim (Devil [Evil] inside the religion Islam). Your soul is the most valuable thing you own; Allah Akbar. AJAAUCOAO Kingdom Of Islam (The Holy-War-Struggle) I, Imam Mahdi, thank you all for coming to AJAAUCOA Kingdom Of Islam invitation to Salvation, the Invitation to hear, obey, and understand The One and Only Valid-true God “Allah” by the Law of His al’Qur-an; and al’Jihad (the Holy –War-Struggle). Imeen (Praised Owner of Belief and Faith). “And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be one of the losers” (al’Qur-an 3:84). “And thus have We made in every town the leaders of its guilty ones, that they may make plans therein. And they plan not but against themselves, and they perceive not.” “And when a message come to them they say: We will not believe till we are given the like of that which Allah’s messengers are given. Allah best knows where to place His message. Humiliation from Allah and severe chastisement will surely be-fall the guilty for their planning.” “So whomsoever Allah intends to guide, He expands his breast for Islam, and whomsoever He intends to leave in error, he makes his breast strait (and) narrow as though he were ascending upwards. Thus does Allah lay uncleanness on those who believe not” (al’Qur-an 6:124-126). Page 17 of 20: IMAM MAHDI * Cheraw, South Carolina * A-IPNA (Islam Authoritarian)