IMAGINE Magazine-Spring2016 - Page 35

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grants have been made . http :// startasnowball . com
rat or getting a snack , they tended to opt for the rescue first . www . sciencemag . org
l The art of empathy . Students from Southwestern Academy , an international boarding school outside of Sedona , Arizona , painted three-dimensional human heads that visually interpreted a story of human hardship . Designed to stir empathy in both the artist and the viewer , the heads were accompanied by stories the students wrote from their imaginations of being a victim of abuse , a bully , an innocent prisoner , a child soldier , a blind person , etc . The silent conversation between artists and viewers offered the opportunity to connect and resonate with the emotions presented by each face , helping to dissolve feelings
project seeks to create greater understanding between people and provide a safe space to learn more about each other , forge new connections , and break the barriers that separate us . The idea is simple — instead of checking out a book , you “ borrow ” a person who has stories to tell gathered from a unique life experience . For up to half an hour , you sit down with a person from any walk of life and unlike a book , there can be dialogue where questions are appreciated and answered . humanlibrary . org
l Afghan photo exhibit helps redefine peace . Take a look at an incredible array of images from the “ Peace Campaign 2015 ” photo exhibition by Afghan photographers held in the historical Bagh-e Babur Park in Kabul . Organized by Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan ( WBRAO ) with the support of Open Society Afghanistan , the exhibit defines peace in a multitude of ways that go
goal . Nobody on earth can do it for you . Whatever it is you want , you must do it yourself .” For t-shirts in over 100 languages and free poster downloads go to www . WARISOVER . com
l Change the world starting with children . Start a Snowball , Inc ., was founded to inspire and fund kids to engage in their community service and philanthropy efforts . By doing so , children begin to understand the power that they hold to affect change in the world around them . The organization makes $ 100 grants to kids that wish to start up organizations focused on helping others . To date , 160
l International Cities of Peace now up to 130 cities ! Recent history shows that peace cannot be imposed from the outside , no matter how well intended . International Cities of Peace understands this reality at its core . City of Peace groups are seeing the emergence of the next generation of leaders committed to building a culture of peace within their community . Their activities run a wide gamut from helping to feed the poor , to building schools , and caring for victims of war . The expression and means for creating a culture of peace are as unique as the cities that have become part of the organization . The newest Cities of Peace include : Mumbai , India ; Chitral , Khyber Pakhunkha , Pakistan ; Hodan , Moogadishu , Somalia , Africa ; Warri , Nigeria , Africa ; Coakry , Guinea , Africa ; Springfield , Ohio , U . S . A .; Bogata , Columbia , South America ; Ringa , Kenya , Africa . www . internationalcitiesofpeace . org
distress. Rats who had been previously soaked themselves learned the rescue mechanism faster than others. “We think this comes from empathy.” In fact, rats in the experiment seemed to care enough about their struggling brethren to forgo a chocolate treat. Given the option of saving a fellow rat or getting a snack, they tended to opt for the rescue first. of separation and inspire greater compassion. l The art of empathy. Students from Southwestern Academy, an international boarding school outside of Sedona, Arizona, painted three-dimensional )յ́ѡЁ٥Յ䁥ѕɕѕѽ䁽)յɑͥ͡)Ѽѥȁѡ䁥Ѡѡ)ѥЁѡ٥ݕȰѡ)́ݕɔ)ѽɥ́ѡՑ)ɽєɽѡȁѥ́٥ѥ)͔ձ䰁)ɥͽȰͽȰ)ͽьQͥ)ٕͅѥݕѥ́٥ݕ́ɕѡ)չѼЁ)ɕͽєݥѠѡѥ)ɕ͕ѕ䁕)Ѽͽٔ()ЁѡȰɝ)ѥ̰ɕѡ)ɥ́ѡЁ͕Ʌє̸)Q́ͥQѕ)Ё+qɽߊtͽݡ)ѽɥ́Ѽѕѡɕɽ)չՔɥ)ȁѼȰ)ͥЁݸݥѠͽ)ɽ݅)չѡɔ)ՔݡɔՕѥ)ɔɕѕݕɕյɅ乽ɜ()ٕȀՅ́)ɕѕȁݹ́Ѽ)ܹ]I%M=YH()Ѽᡥ)́ɕQ)Ёɕ)Ʌ䁽́ɽѡ+qA ׊t)ѼᡥѥѽɅ́)ѡѽɥ )Aɬ-հ=ɝ镐)]э ͥI)х] I<)ݥѠѡЁ=)Mхѡ)ᡥЁ́)ձѥՑ݅́ѡЁ() ѡݽɱхѥݥѠɕMхЁ)M݉%݅́չ)Ѽɔչ́Ѽ)ѡȁչ)͕٥ѡɽ)̸ 䁑ͼɕѼչх)ѡݕȁѡЁѡ䁡Ѽ)Ёѡݽɱ)ɽչѡQɝѥ̀Ʌ́Ѽ)́ѡЁݥ͠ѼхЁ)ɝѥ͕́)ѡ̸Qє()Q!յ1Ʌ䁥)፥ѥЁݡɔ)ԁЁյ)́٥́ѕ)Ѽѡȁѽɥ̄չ)ɬѼɽє)յɥ́ͽͥѡյɅ)ɽЁ͕́Ѽɕє)ɕѕȁչхݕɽ٥)ͅѼɸɔ()ݕ役͕ɥ䁅)ѥ̸ܹͽ噽չѥ̹ɜٽ̼)Ѽᡥ̵͕ɕ)]H%L=YH%ݔ)݅ЁЄe=́ɕٕ)䁽)1)ݡͅqeԁɔѡ)9䁽Ѡ)ЁȁԸ]ѕٕȁ)́ԁ݅аԁЁ)Ё͕tȁе́͡()Ʌ́ٔ)輽хх͹݉)%ѕɹѥ ѥ́)A܁Ѽѥ̄)IЁѽ́͡ѡ)Ё͕)ɽѡͥѕȁ܁ݕѕ)%ѕɹѥ ѥ́)Aչх́ѡ)ɕ䁅Ё́ɔ 䁽)Aɽ́ɔ͕)ѡɝѡ)Ʌѥ́ѕѼեձɔ)ݥѡѡ)չ丁Qȁѥ٥ѥ́ոݥЁɽ)ѼѡȰѼ)ե͍̱ɥ)ȁ٥ѥ́݅ȸQ)ɕͥ́)ɕѥձɔ)ɔ́չՔ́ѡѥ)ѡЁٔЁ)ѡɝѥQݕЁ ѥ́AՑ)5յ% Ʌ)-剕ȁAչAх!5͡԰)Mɥ]ɤ)9ɥɥ )եɥMɥ)=TL ф յMѠɥI)-儰ɥܹѕɹѥѥͽɜ)%5%9MAI%9؀((0