IMAGINE Magazine-Spring2016 - Page 33

Where are Re-building the highroad. the bridge-builders? We must be relentless. The bridge-builders fearless and aviary Breaking ground where once stood only chasms and cliff walls The ones who have always believed in the marriage of kindness and truth. to birth superpowers of compassi ۈ[\]\[KHX\ [ًYZ]\Y\]\HX\\Y[\Y ]\HXܙY\[[Y\ۋYHXZ[XHۙBHYYܞHHܞBܙ][\H[Bܙ][\‚][H\YY \B\B]BBYBBBZ[\HHHH˂^]X\\H]\XX[ܚ]\\ܛX[H\\ [[][]Hܙ[^\][[YۘKVH\HY[\وH[X\]Y\\ܛX[HڙX [ܚ[\ܛX[\Y[H\\]]X[YHو\\X™^\[ۋ[H[\وZ[[Y\][\Y\[X][[][]HY[\]K]\[\\[X[ۋSPQSHUUSS Mx% ‚