IMAGINE Magazine-Spring2016 - Page 27

CO U R AG E O U S CO N V E R S AT I O N S The Cost of a Disconnected Society: The Sex Trafficking of Our Children by Lori S. Rubenstein, JD, PCC based on an interview with kathleen winn, executive director of azmen and co-chair the arizona anti-trafficking network T he first time I met Kathleen Winn I knew this was a woman I wanted to know. She is intelligent, passionate, well-connected and a force to make the world a better place. She’s the epitome of “one-person can make a difference.” In 2011, as the Community Outreach and Education Director for the Arizona Attorney General, Kathleen was introduced to Linda Smith, former Washington State Legislator, former US Congresswoman, and Founder and President of Shared Hope International. Shared Hope is an international nonprofit agency that works to raise awareness, protect and restore wholeness to children who have been sextrafficked, and change legislative and judicial initiatives to bring appropriate criminalization to the perpetrators of child sex-trafficking. Along with Linda Smith she met Sergeant Chris Bray and Lieutenant Jim Gallagher with the Phoenix Police Department. They told her that Arizona had a sex trafficking problem and asked her what the Arizona Attorney General’s office was going to X]] Y\Z[۝[YوB[ܛZ]HوH\YK[Y]H\\8%HX[ۋB\[[Z[ݙ\YH\Z[۝[H\]\\[XH\HX[؛[H[\^ۘK[[\HZ[\Y ܛY[Y X\Y [^X[H^]Y܈Bٚ]و[\[\\X\XKHܚY]]ܛ^\š[Hܚ[Z[[]\[ۈ[[X[ۈY[Y\XZH\H]BX[ۈو[[\XX[HB[[\XKX[YHH[ܚ]B[\^ۘH܈H]ܛ^H[\[8&\›ٙXH[][ܘ[Y[ [[\ܝ[[\ܙX]B]\[\و\HX[\\K]\H\X[\H[]]K[]\H[[\HX[\[[HX]Y\œX \\[ܙKYX][ۈX]H^[و\Hܚ[Y\[\Hܚ[Y\\HZ[\]]Y\]HX\و]\[\Yܝ˂[\^ۘK\H[\XH[[]\[[\ݙ\ [\\HX[Y[ˈX[H\B[]^\ˈ[وH[[š]HY[Xݙ\YH^ ]YX[ HY[[Y[[B]H[\H\[K]\[\\ۙHوH[ܚ]Y\وX[HY]\YZ[Y\XZ[܈^ ]YX[ˈۘB[HۛHYۜ^H[\\[XH[[Hۛ][[\HXܝZ]Y[^H\H[[\XH[]\][KX[[ۈ\[\H[۝[YHܛ[[H[X[܂^][[\[\\Y ۙB[Y\[YH[Y\[[[\H^XYB]]Y[HTXXYX\[\H[\^ۘKH]\YHYHق[[XXY[YX[\ŒMYX\ \ZYܘY\ˈYK[[^X[H^X]\ۘ[ܘ\\XYH[[ۜXB[Y\\H^X[H^X]\H[Y\ˈX[H[[Bو\[[H[[X]\[\pݙH]\ [BHܙX]\\XH\[[Bۙ۝[\HX[]Y\XYۋ]\[[H\HؘXBۙ\[HX[HY[\B^Z[܈^][[]HY[وH[\] Y[[]H][ۈH[]\X\H]]H[œ]][Hۛ[K\H^H[]ܛܘ\KY]\[\[^X[H^X]X[^H܈][]HܙY]\ ^B[][8'ܙ\\8'H[[\[\ۈ\Z[X]\X\BX\[HX\XK'\x&\[YX]Hܙ\BSPQSHS M ‚