IMAGINE Magazine Autumn 2015 Volume 1 Number 1 - Page 32

Sedona International City of Peace ~ Peace Partners Thank you to all of our Peace Partners who continue to engage in and support the work of peace in our community. We are especially grateful to those listed here that said yes to the publication of Imagine magazine and lent their support to its inaugural printing. Peace Though Service Promoting peace through film Sowing the Seeds of Peace CRYSTAL If we want peace on earth, we must work on peace within. Peace is always beautiful. - Walt Whitman christine.adams@russlyoncom Developing Teen Self-Esteem While Strengthening Family Connections A Spa for You … Creating the Magic of Being in Peace Ken Rouse Beverly Copon Beverly Copon imagine VOL 1, No 1 AUtumn 2015 Total peace makes the whole complete imagine is published twice a year by the Sedona International City of Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a culture of peace in Sedona and beyond. The magazine is distributed locally and can be viewed digitally online at: Sedona International City of Peace Executive Committee: Debra Beck, Paula Donnelly-Roark, Michael Iskowitz, Wib Middleton, Jane Perini, Lori Rubenstein, Dawn Shattuck, Margaret Weaver Managing Editor and Design: Jane Perini Other Contributors: Amy Aossey, Adele Seronde, Kai Simson, Andrea Smith, Dr. Paul Tighe, Danette Wolpert, Ryan Zepp