IMAGINE Magazine Autumn 2015 Volume 1 Number 1 - Page 31

P E A C E SIGNS their high school that now provides hundreds of kids a Breaking News...and It’s Good! by Dawn Shattuck I month with nutritious and easy to prepare food to take home over the weekend. They are now looking to expand this effort to the n the 1960s “peace” was summer months when primarily focused on school is not in session. anti-war protests and non-violent actions. Today l As a result of global soli- the term has broadened and darity, we can now dream matured into a construct of an AIDS-free generation. that has become an umbrel- Ten year ago, less than la for intentions and actions 50,000 people in poor coun- meant to bring overall well- tries had access to lifesav- being to humanity. Vital to ing AIDS medicines. Today, the establishment of a true more than 15 million do, culture of peace, these ini- and as a result, AIDS deaths tiatives are being put forth girl is born, 111 trees are community-based organi- are down by 30%, new HIV by individuals, grassroots planted in celebration and zation and helped their city infections are down by 30% organizations, and count- are cared for by the com- become an International and the numb