IMAGINE Magazine Autumn 2015 Volume 1 Number 1 - Page 27

C R E ATING A S U STAINA B L E F U T U R E Hunger in Our Community By Amy Aossey, Executive Director of the Yavapai Food Council S ome may not see the connection between peace and hunger. I do. For me, promoting a culture of peace means caring for your community and finding ways to empower and support those in need. Arizona ranks in the top five states for poverty in our country, with one out of five adults considered “food insecure” or uncertain of where their next meal will be found. Our Northern Arizona Yavapai County is even higher with one out of four adults suffering from food insecurity. An even more shocking reality is that one out of three children in our community are food insecure. The Yavapai Food Council is deeply involved in eradicating these demeaning levels of hunger. Our mission is to build community support for meeting the needs of the hungry through education and resource development; to increase the production and distribution of locally grown healthy food, and to be a voice for the hungry. As the Executive Director of the Yavapai Food Council (YFC), I occasionally encounter the individual who feels that those who are poverty-stricken and hungry have consciously made a choice to live their life dependent on others. There are many factors that contribute to hunger and poverty, including IMAGINE l Autumn 2015 27