IMAGINE Magazine Autumn 2015 Volume 1 Number 1 - Page 21

s i s t e r c i t i e s o f p e a ce The Global Family Project: Compassion In Action By Fred Arment, Executive Director, International Cities of Peace I n 2014, the International Cities of Peace provided funds for fifty women in Bujumbura, Burundi, who had been caught in the crossfire of war. They were given seeds and land for their gardens, school fees for their children, and housing and medicines for the victims of this long-enduring war. This support gave these women hope for the future and a chance to begin to rebuild their lives. That was the start of the Global Family Project, a city-to-city, two-way collaboration that now offers Cities of Peace an opportunity to share their richness and resources (beyond money) and a means to expand their impact to the wider global community. This year, Sedona and other cities of peace around the globe are contributing to this Global Family effort. For example, some are helping to build a school for orphans in the eastern region of the Congo, which is, because of ongoing war, one of the more dangerous parts of the world. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where 5.4 million people have been killed in wars since 1998, is in the heart of African Continent. These wars over land and valuable natural resources have left devastation in their wake—most notably, abused women and orphaned children. As a result of Sedona’s request to identify an active, nearby Rotary Club they might be able to work with, we discovered that Cities of Peace across Africa and around the world do indeed have Rotary Clubs, which can be excellent partners. In particular, the Kolwezi City of Peace in the DRC was identified, where leader John Mukhuta Building a school for orphans in the Congo (top) and has responsib