IMAGINE Magazine Autumn 2015 Volume 1 Number 1 - Page 18

Cathedral of the Mind by Adele Seronde ~ Sedona author, poet and artist I Is peace our transient snowfall covering vast peaks of our intolerance enmity and hate? Do we also bury underlying fields: the forests, swamps and byways of disaffection— and neglect all creatures living— with white indifference? Perhaps, alternatively, snowflakes of the dazzled soul do actually seep into our unsuspecting hearts allowing us a dawn of freshened hopes a gold-edged radiance where we actually act in harmony? 18 IMAGINE l Autumn 2015 II It seems the way to rein the trampling Biblical pale horse, the way to fill extended gaping breaks of fledgling greeds the way to topple towering Babel’s grasp at God might be: to give peace winged Pegasus to fly! III Peace is not a tranquil being Nor is she docile. She has not arrived at cessation of hostility through random choice of all man’s usual ploys; No, she has come to celebrate— to make a cathedral of the mind; to build up, stone by stone the walls, flying buttresses of prayer wherein soul may thrive. When peace is credible she bolts as lightning jolts heart and blood and bones with urgency of passion to create. Peace: the need the way the means to sculpt our life from turmoil’s stone.