I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 71

Rachel Thorpe is an Hawaiian actress, singer- songwriter and dancer who also owns a Fashion, Arts , Music & Entertainment publication called, FAME MAGAZINE, LLC.

Rachel is now considered a success among her peers and naturally charms business owners, other artists and professionals in the industry because of her happy and humbled nature.

Rachel started dancing "Hula" at the tender age of 3 with Olana A'i of Halau Hula Olana. She is an expert dancer in this traditional Hawaiian style of dancing. She has danced competitively since she was 10 years old in competitions like Keiki Hula (Children's competition) and Merrie Monarch (the competition for more advanced dancers). She has also performed in the Disney World Parade, in commercials, on boats, for the Governor's banquet numerous times, for special events throughout the United States, and in World Festivals.

It was shortly after she competed in the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in 2000 that Rachel decided to try out for high school sports. This is when she discovered that she could sing and write music. She began singing in competitions such as Brown Bags to Stardom and she even tried out for American Idol. Although she didn't make it, she was given sound advice from one of the show’s producers who said, "Sweetheart you've got the talent, now you need the confidence. Go out and perform in front of as many people as you can so you develop your stage presence, then come back and try again!" She was also offered numerous opportunities to sign with local labels. Her first single was released in 2007 when she shared her Testimony at New Hope Oahu and sang an original she wrote entitled "Back Where I Belong," which was about her journey out of the darkness of the struggles she had faced throughout her youth. She sold over 3,000 CDs and DVD's within the first 3 hours! Throughout the years she has performed at many events and with many well known artists. She is currently working on her first full album.

Acting is yet another passion of Rachel's and has been since she was a child. She decided that the best way to get out of her comfort zone and get past her stage-fright was to throw her into acting. So, she signed up with "The Actor's Gym" with instructor Eric Nemoto. There she began to grow and stretch her confidence in front of her fellow peers. She was a natural! Her ability to mold herself into her characters was constantly pointed out throughout her classes and she was signed to ADR Talent Agency just 3 weeks later. She also received call backs for Hawaii Five-0's Season 1 multiple times and did some extra work on the show. She also acted in a commercial for Hawaii News Now's job links commercial. She has taken a temporary break from acting after getting married and having a child, but is currently preparing herself to get back into the industry!

Besides singing, dancing and acting, Rachel is educated and has managed to start a successful Magazine that launched officially on July 1, 2016. Rachel is a graduate of Leeward Community College (A.A.), Pacific Rim Christian College (B.A.) and The Paul Brown Institute at Remington College (Certificate). She is also a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Hawaii and has worked for spas and medi-spas. She is a graphic artist, published writer, a published high fashion photographer and stylists. Like most creative’s, Rachel is multi-faceted. As an artist, she wanted to create a platform for other artists to share their work, expertise and experiences with the world! Thus, FAME MAGAZINE, LLC was born. She had already been coordinating and organizing photo shoots for 3 years prior to the launch of her publication, as well as working as a freelance writer for DISfunkshion Magazine for 5 years before that.

Rachel is genuinely excited and enthusiastic about helping others to accomplish their dreams because she believes that no life is truly whole unless a person is walking in their passions! She is a loving wife and mother, a fun, fair business owner and an out of this world creative genius.