I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 66

Dwayne Klassen - #TheCoachForMen & The Remarkable Man Project

There’s no doubt that when you talk with Dwayne Klassen that he’s got a passion for inspiring men to be Remarkable. In fact, he’s created his whole brand around this idea. He’s created a truly Remarkable vision for humanity. He believes our future success starts with a reinvention of today’s 21st Century Man.

Dwayne is know as “The Coach For Men”, he’s a speaker and author of his ground-breaking book, “The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other.

Dwayne is also the Founder of The Remarkable Man Project - Soon to be the largest leadership and empowerment network in the world for men. Dwayne’s mission is to inspire one million Remarkable men in the next 5 years.

Q. So why Men? Why have you focused your energy on men?

Quite simply, we are in the age of the empowered woman. She’s on fire, unstoppable and doing amazing things in her life. There’s a support network or woman’s group for pretty much every aspect of her life. Women are also doing the deep inner work of self-discovery, personal development and creating community to further their growth.

As women are ascending the same cannot be said for men.

Most men have flat-lined in their growth and sense of identity.

In fact, there’s a world-wide epidemic happening to men. A global malaise that has men feeling more confused, frustrated and challenged as to what it means to be a man in today’s world than ever before.

He does not know how to show up powerfully for today’s empowered woman.

There’s shift in the masculine/feminine energy.

These two worlds are colliding and the relationships statistics are proving this.

According to Dwayne over 73% of relationships are ending because “She” said so!

Contrary to popular belief, this change is not just happening to men that our pop culture would consider wusses or wimps. The truth is, it’s happening to men in every aspect of society.

From corporate giants to major sports and entertainment celebrities, men are recognizing that certain aspects of his life are definitely in trouble and he does not know how to deal with it. He’s lost a part of himself and he does not know how to get it back.

Sadly, he has very few places to turn.

On top of that, our young men and boys have very few heroes to look up to. Most of the young men in trouble or in our prison system today did not have a father or positive male role model to guide them.

It’s imperative that dads step up and play a bigger game in the lives of their children.

The ultimate hero to a young boy or girl should be their mom and dad. Yet Remarkable Dads are seldom heard of.