I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 63

Go Fish shot by Tariq Aljuboori, Wassam Dean Actor/Hair Stylist, Neil Shaw Co-Producer and the Assiant Director K. Aljuboori.

Orin Mucuska plays Mike.

Taran Demens - Funny Guy 1 Mobster, is now in Vancouver, B.C.

Brianna D. Smith plays Tamara.

Zach Wintonyk plays Handsome Neighbour.

Spencer Trott, Josee Nisbet, Kyle JM Durack, Chloe Duclos, Johnny Scott, Melissa Heffernan, Dean Eadie, Dominic Harlow Lawrence, Taran Demens, missing Dan Tomilson and Denise Vaile.

Dean Eadie

Zulie Alnahas

Lasting Friendships were made on the Calgary Go Fish series.