I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 59

Jill Maria

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Andre Goulet

Go Fish


plays Vivie on Amazon Prime released show. Jill Maria was also one of the makeup artists and publicists for the show.

Josee is A Sicilian Calgarian actor

of over 2o years. She loves to sing and perform. She is a single mother of two teens and is a caregiver by day. She has a big heart and voice and is seen with Go Fish on red carpet events in Calgary. She just finished modeling for Vizard. She acted in the series shows Karma, Once Upon A Date and another Amazon Prime movie with Go Fish Ltd.! Josee went to LA in 2015 as the show Go Fish won an award and they are set to go

back this year!

Josee plays the nosy neighbor

Martha Parker on Go Fish.

Dragan Balac


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Josee Nisbet

Jill Maria Robinson is a Romanian born Alberta actress. She began her life in film in her early 20's and now in four hard working years, she is one of the stars of the Amazon Prime show Go Fish! Jill has a brand known as J.M.R, because of her long name. Her assets are, her exotic look, her circle of Celebrity friends and that she also works as a Publicist and Actor. She is a known face in the Calgary Film scene and is just starting! Jill Maria has been seen every year, since she started in film, on the news with her co-stars on the red carpet of CIFF. Her Sophia Loren style in photo shoots has been noticed, as she's' petite but curvy! Jill is invited to and seen at most major events in Calgary. She just finished performing for the Vizard show by Olga Sem, A Vevo music video TBA. As well Jill colored her hair for a made for Amazon Prime movie TBA. She was most recently in a Romanian Documentary by Destiny Productions, seen with brown hair again. Jill Maria is a voting member of The Junos and the YYC Music Awards.