I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 58

Zulie just finished the show Vizard by Olga Sem, she was one of the stars who played three different characters in the theatre performance. Zulie just put out a cover of an ABBA song, and she is in pre- production for her second original music video and Go Fish Season 2. She has been seen everywhere in Calgary media this year.

Zulie Alnahas a Syrian-Brazilian, Canadian Actress who is making waves with her show

Go Fish. Her Indie show made it to Amazon Prime



Tony Field

Creator and Star


Go Fish

Plays Naya


Amazon Prime.

Last Months' Cover Girl

Jump Suit

H & M

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Go Fish the Calgary made show and has now taken off since being on Amazon Prime! Go Fish is a comedy series which supports Calgary! The show gave almost 100 roles to indie actors and crew, under her production company, Go Fish Ltd. Zulie’s original show, most recently had won for best Cinematography at the LANFA awards in September of 2015. ‘Go Fish’ is based loosely on events in her personal life, other people around her, and expresses it through the lens of her humor. It’s a light-hearted look at achieving one’s goals and desires, no matter what problems may come your way. The story line follows the lives of 5 girlfriends that live together.

Zulie Alnahas

Go FIsh Star

Sergey Abramov

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