I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 57

3. What do you do on your spare time, when not working?

"I tend to drink a lot of Green Tea. I attend a lot of poetry readings. I 'm a huge fan of Jai Alai, however, trying to get

a game on ESPN these days is like catching the wind.

I do a lot of Bronte novels, Margret Atwood novels, which

I am currently trying to transcribe into Gaelic, pretty low key. I'm not really a people person, so it's more of a Hermits life for me when I'm not performing. Oh wait, did I tell you that I collect Faberge Eggs", shares Phil.

6. Tell us about your role in Hell On Wheels on AMC?

"I play the Irishman Mickey McGinnes, which is a recurring role in the popular series filmed in Alberta. My character is a who guy went to the West to seek his fortune, tried to survive, killed some folks, slept with some ladies, killed some more folks, started running the ladies. Then killed more folks, became a partner in a huge conglomerate. If you ask me that's just everyday life for people in New York, (jk). The show is Produced by Chad Oaks, Anson Mount and many more.", shares Phil.

4 What other projects have you be a apart of?

A few, some better than others, all worthwhile though. Some include, This is 40, Legend of the Lich Lord, Dirty Weekend, The Good Wife, Billy & Billie and more.

5. What would you be doing if you weren't an Actor?

Well, hopefully, if my polishing skills are up to scratch, a spot on the Antiques Roadshow, if not that then I always pictured myself somewhere in the country, selling Antiques.

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A quote you live by,

Animals are people too.....just ask Beatrix Potter.

- Phil Burke