I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 56


Phil Burke

AMC's Hell On Wheels

Irish-Canadian Actor

Questions With A


1. How did you get into film? Who encouraged or discovered you?

"I watched Kevin Costner's movie Dances With Wolves and it got me hooked with wanting to be in film. When I was younger and growing up outside of Toronto, Canada, my folks and would go out and rent a video, from The Video Post down on Lakeshore Rd in Port Credit. I was allowed to get a video, which was usually something along the lines of any Superman movie, maybe Goonies, The Princess Bride, if I was trying to impress my Dad something like a Wilder and Pryor Duo. Even though I really couldn't understand most of the jokes, but I knew they were the best. Just because my Dad was laughing, so they must be good somehow. Now, I couldn't necessarily watch what they rented because I'd be too young, so in the morning before our 6 am hockey practice, I would try and wake up my folks to ask them if I could watch their movie and as most parents would be at 430-5 AM in the morning, they'd give me the brush off, which at that time to me, Have at it! Well, while I was putting on my own equipment in the basement, gearing up for hockey, there was a film called Dances With Wolves, watching that movie showed me what story telling could be", shares Phil.

2. Where do you see yourself in 3 years in your career, or your dreams?

"I dreamed the other night that I was in a Tornado, I think that would be fun, to jump into a tornado and come out two feet on the floor and survive. In all honesty, I want to keep telling stories, discovering, enjoying living, having fun and meeting new people. Continuing to find new adventures and create stories, those are my dreams. To publish one of my ridiculously wicked poems would be cool too. Oh yeah and to find the best Lobster Roll on the planet right now Key West, funny enough, has the number one spot", shares Phil.

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