I'm Here With Magazine Issue 2 August August 2016 - Page 55

Fashion CalgaryIs a Canadian

-based company with both national and international reach. They have a desire to combine the social and cultural needs of, residents and tourists by providing them with a wide range of exciting offerings from Calgary’s top four social entertainment areas. As well leading cosmopolitan businesses in, Fashion, Beauty, Cuisine and Art & Design.

Their enthusiastic attitude and savvy business sense has enabled them to build strong relationships with representatives in each of the fields of interest, not only across the province of Alberta, and throughout Western Canada and across the country of Canada. The team at Fashion Calgary seeks to provide the best possible experience for their clients, by giving you, the customers exclusive information about the city’s hot spots, prime locations & “must-attend events in the city Calgary.

FC's work in a very visual way, with local designers, style makers, foodies and other cultural enthusiasts as part of our efforts to integrate their expertise and networking ability with consulting companies who wish to collaborate and become a part of Fashion Calgary on promotional & marketing initiatives.

They focus on long-term growth and directly thrust our support into emerging designers, boutiques, art galleries, beauty salons and restaurants bringing them into the spotlight as emerging, and established names in top-tier, and premier positions.

FC's mission is to promote local businesses, to achieve high-end exposure and bring local Calgarian’s, both residents and visitors to our city, all the best that Calgary, the most cosmopolitan city in the West, has to offer.

Fashion Calgary is Calgary’s premiere web destination for creating a connection between Calgary’s cultural scene and its many cultural connoisseurs.

A brainchild of creators Ania Basak and Rafal Wegiel, Fashion Calgary brings a unique European sensibility to the promotion of culture in Calgary through its ability to deliver the messages of its clients in a sophisticated and polished manner.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Rafal Wegiel provides exceptional talent and professionalism through his photographic services. Whether tasked with photographing personnel or client locations, Rafal is sought after for his ability to deliver images that reflect the uniqueness, beauty and spirit of his subject. Co-creator Ania Basak delivers talent in the field of image and beauty consultation that matches only the most highly qualified international specialists. Trained in a premiere European beauty institution, Ania’s young age belies the depth of her experience. Having worked as a beauty Ambassador for Armani and more.

Fashion Calgary's company is able to cater to the individual promotional needs of clients in various fields with a comprehensive and effective repertoire that includes featuring ads on their high-traffic website. Their premiere promotional services create quality photos and videos that allow viewers to experience everything that their clients have to offer through a computer screen. Not only, the videos are digital portraits of their clients, designed to showcase their best qualities while also acting as advertisements and promotional material, but also – they specialize in sales videos and branded content creation, aiming in developing brand recognition and sales, of course.

The video can be featured both on FS's website and anywhere else our clients see fit. Beyond the traditional social media and marketing savvy, Fashion Calgary incorporates the talents of its world renowned creators, Rafal and Ania.

Understanding the power of video marketing may help you to see how video marketing can be beneficial to your business and a good use of your marketing dollars. It is engaging, educating and helps to brand you, your business and your product- which at the end can build long-term relationship with your clientele, and thus boosts sales.

Together, Ania and Rafal lift their clients to a new level in promotional heights, allowing clients to shine in the way that they deserve.

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