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Calgary Actor David Oulton speaks out about his home town Fort McMurray, Alberta and the Wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes and buildings, in May 2016. He is encouraging people to support!

“I want to urge everyone reading this to consider making a donation to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in regards to the Fort McMurray Wildfires. Whether it be $500 or $5, it all adds up in the end and the small act of generosity will go a long way. I myself have made several donations over the past 24 hours,” shares David Oulton.

David grew up in Fort McMurray, moving there at five years old from Chester, England he lived there for nearly two decades. Living first in Abasand, then Grayling Terrace, and finally in Wood Buffalo, Fort McMurray was his home. It’s been difficult for many watching not only these areas, but also many others, fall victim to the fires over the few days. The last he’d heard was Wood Buffalo was now facing threat from the fire.

“During my many years living there, I saw on countless occasions strangers banding together to help another in their community during a time of crisis – whether it be a death, a fire, an accident, etc. Additionally, on a larger scale, I know that year after year the city continually beats United Way expectations with fundraising in an effort to help those beyond the community,” says David.

“Now it’s our turn. I’ve been watching the news nonstop for the past two days, watching my old neighborhood and home burn to the ground. I’ve spoken with quite a few close friends who have lost everything except the clothes on their backs," shares David.

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