I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 82

5. Tell us a time that you had to overcome an obstacle to make a project happy but prospered?

This happens all the time! The balance of time vs art is a cruel equation. It’s always something on a set. If you are prepared it’s almost always possible to solve it. That’s why I have my buddy Rob on my team. He’s the best grip In the business. We call him Mcgyver. He can solve any problem. The work should always be the focus. Maybe it’s an age thing but I’m there to Get’er done! It has to be about the work and nothing else.

6. What was the first project you directed and how did it go?

The first project I directed was a short film which I wrote and directed called Insomniac. We shot it in 2002 on the Panasonic Varricam in HD. I was blessed to have such an amazing crew with arguably one of Canada’s best DPs Craig Wrobleski. It was an amazing experience which we shot in 2 days. Insomniac was nominated for 3 AMPIAs and it won for Best Overall Score for Michael Shields and Russell Broom. That worked out pretty good.

7. What is you like about being a director?

I love working with actors. That’s the best part of the job. Nothing gets me more excited than working through a scene with actors. I love asking the questions that provide insight so that a performer can get to the promised land.

8. What is the job of a director and challenges you face?

It is the last surviving dictatorship in the world. You are the Captain of the ship and you have a crew that need to be confident that you know what you are doing. You answer over 1000 different questions a day from all the different departments so you have to be prepared. You have to know what you want and how to get it. A good director is able to manage all of these nuances and still get what he wants.

The challenges are different from hour to hour. Are you making the pages for the day. Are you on budget. It’s never-ending but it’s thrilling. That’s why it’s a huge accomplishment when you complete the thing.

9. How do you balance family and work?

It’s tough. I think just being present is the key. Also I shut off my iPhone.