I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 79

Jewelle is connected with Los Angeles in another way. Actor/producer/mentor/coach Bob Fraser was a source of guidance in her film making life. Jewelle asked him for advice on December 7th in the first year of Poker Girls. Her concern was that her efforts were not justifying this project taking over her entire schedule. His advice was to “try harder, you’re close” which might sound like the opposite you would want to hear. She took that advice to heart. Jewelle was then introduced to LA actress Judy Norton via Neil Schell, who flew to Calgary to join the project, now in its second season.

Jewelle jumped right back in with second season renamed “Bluff”, with a new crime show element but retaining some of the old influent characters of Poker Girls. She kept the best aspects of Poker Girls but decided to hire the best cinematographer available to write longer and fuller scripts, and completed ten episodes of a higher quality than ever before. She also found new locations and invited Neil Schell to come direct. At this point, Jewelle decided it was safe to allow herself to be in the show as a character. Typically, this type of move can be looked down on by the acting world, however, she found that her own story now fit in as one of the characters. This also fit in well with her own goals because of her true passion for acting.

With the new recipe, that first episode was shot in January, with guest star Judy Norton (Walton’s Mary Ellen). This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and working relationship between Jewelle and Judy.

This pilot received its accolades only a few short months later at the Banff Media Film Festival. With a sought after nomination for “Best Dramatic TV Pilot,” and the Hollyweb Fest Best Drama nomination in Los Angeles.

A year later, Jewelle led a full-sized crew into production of six half-hour episodes in what is now renamed Bluff, which is in its first season.

Jewelle quickly learned and accepted the industry requirements of long hours. That is only half the story, she also moonlights as mother to her two daughters, and as a wife. She helped along her eldest Ysabella who graduates this spring and was recently accepted into “The Academy” aka AADA! Her youngest daughter is also interested in acting and will soon be finishing high school in a few years.

Jewelle Colwell’s newest show Offscreen recently had its pilot release in Calgary, Alberta. It was a huge success! She has a cast of over 20 people many of whom she mentored as acting coach before they all put this project together. Bringing in a handful of the actors from the cast to write the script. Jewelle likes to have as many people add their input for the bigger work without losing the focus of the project. She seeks creative growth in her project rather than be the sole creative influence. This seems to work for the people in her life as it allowed for more growth in Calgary’s acting world. Hundreds of people have Jewelle Colwell to thank for their start in the Calgary entertainment industry and has been a trend setter since she started. Jewelle Colwell is certainly a Canadian gem!

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