I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 77

The simple truth is Jewelle’s first love is acting and to this day remains the ultimate passion in her life. She recently learned ASL (American Sign Language) for an important role in the Hershel Gordon Lewis’ feature film Bloodmania (2014). She was also nominated for Best Actress in the theatre world in Calgary, after her strong performance as the wicked step mother in Cinderella. Jewelle continued with film and starred in various feature films, such as Missing Link (the first ever Nigerian/Canadian co-production and for which she received her “Best Actress” trophy from the Nigerian Ambassador himself), several web series, and numerous other feature films.

Jewelle plays lead detective Summer Brown in her television crime series, Bluff. Season 2 is in development now and will broadcast on the small screen throughout the US later in 2015. The first season currently available on DVD in North America. The strong humanitarian undertones set this series apart, with heart and soul being explored throughout each story line via stories of addiction, abuse, human trafficking, and dangerous drug dealers.

People who are in the professional and independent Calgary film market have certainly heard of Calgary’s award winning actress Jewelle Colwell as a producer. This sparkling talent is making Calgary very proud! Many would say she is one of Calgary’s finest actors and producers and has set the path for so many others in the last three years! Her projects Bluff, Uncaged and Offscreen are her more recent successes. Bringing in many talents found in the Calgary area, Jewelle has created UnCaged – a lifestyle series for outdoor motorbike adventure seekers starring her husband, Rob Colwell as the host.

Jewelle’s story began with an almost magnetic attraction for the acting world. Growing up in West Germany, Jewelle’s first role she landed was at the age of five, when she played a very young Mary in a church Christmas Pageant. She started to write poetry and learn the piano at the age of eight. Upon her return to Canada, Jewelle auditioned for a minor role in a school play (Anne of Green Gables) and was offered the lead role instead. Growing up, Jewelle planned to be a singer and actress. She recorded her first and only album at the age of 21. Several of her songs are available on iTunes, a few being considered for a feature film soundtrack produced in Los Angeles!

Jewelle’s love for acting did not diminish with time. As a teenager she took some film acting classes and worked with a few vibrant groups with rave responses to her work. As a lover of stories and her constant effort to make the world a better place, Jewelle recorded a CD titled ‘Hidden Utopia’, with seven self-written and produced songs. She has the sweetest voice to go along with her personality.

Jewelle Colwell