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What roles and characters are your favorites to play?

My favorite roles and characters to date have been the role of “TONTO” on the MOW for Warner Bros “The Lone Ranger ” starring Chad Michael Murray as Lone Ranger and myself, as Tonto. It was awesome playing an iconic figure for my heritage and a role that Johnny Depp played in later years.

Getting Super Powers on “SMALLVILLE” season 3 and almost killing off SuperBoy. Of course Clark Kent survives and my character “Jeremiah Holdsclaw” goes into a coma. Lots of fun

Any other TV show or movie I got to ride horses…Love it!

Like “AMERICAN OUTLAWS “…starring Colin Farrell and Nathaniel Arcand

How do you enjoyed being on Heartland for the last 10 seasons?!

My experience on “Heartland ” for the past 10 years has been very memorable on and off-screen. I have a lot of good memories and great experiences being on this CBC hit show. Although my co-workers were mostly animals, as I play a young Veterinarian and I act mainly with the stars Amber and Graham who play Amy and Ty. We always had fun on set, they are good down to earth country folks.

What have you been focusing on most recently?

I’ve been focusing on getting my own TV Series as well as becoming a Director for Film and Television. Taking my music career further as well on my off time of acting would be great to add to my skill sets and is just fun. Whatever I put my mind to I tend to accomplish!

Who would you like to work in the next year if you could?

I’d love to start working with more “A” list actors in Hollywood as an actor or director. For my music I’d love to do a duet with “Shakira”!

Haha, ok well some awesome cool Rock n Roller…David Bowie would’ve been my first choice but of course now, I’ll settle for The Rolling Stones haha.

You have started producing your own project tell us more about them?

Yes, I started up a production team and we made a short film last August 2015, on the subject and matter of “Murdered and Missing Women ” from a male perspective.

I’m also a spokesman for it through the Vancouver Policing Service along with Madelaine McCallum, Lorelei Williams and Lillian Howard. There are many others involved.

Also I’ve been involved with a play that deals with suicide. Which is a huge epidemic in Canadian Aboriginal Reserves and Communities? It’s called “Beneath the Surface ” written by Jennifer Broseau.

Nathaniel Arcand on set of season 10 Heartland, June, 2016.

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