I'm Here With Magazine Issue 1 - Page 59

David Shark Fralick

Said Faraj

David Shark Fralick has been acting in Daytime TV and film for 20+ years. He currently lives in Los Angeles, he has traveled to Calgary four times to share his experience in the industry to budding actors in his 101-102 acting classes. David also has numerous Major Hollywood TV and Film Credits to his name with countless hours in front of the Camera working with many Stars in this industry. The Young and Restless star is in the works for a series called Chevy Boyzzz.

Los Angeles Lebanese award winning Actor, Said Faraj, is one of the most bad ass actors in film as the bad guy in a handful of major movies such as; Green Zone with Matt Damon, Ghost with Patrick Swayze, Bad Influence with Rob Lowe, True Romance Christian Slater, The Siege with Denzel Washington.

Television appearances include24; Bones; ER; NCIS: L.A; The Shield; The Unit; and more. In 2012, Said reached another milestone when his production company, Cedar Films LLC, produced the short film The American Failure, which premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival! He's one of those stars who lives and breathes acting.

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